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Daylight's End
by League of Legends

Ask not the sun why she sets
Why she shrouds her light away
Or why she hides her glowing gaze
When night turns crimson gold to grey
For silent falls the guilty sun
As day to dark does turn
One simple truth she dare not speak:
Her light can only blind and burn

No mercy for the guilty
Bring down their lying sun
Blood so silver black by night
Upon their faces pale white

Cruel moon, bring the end
The dawn will never rise again

Contributed by Julia L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

ferre feys

I was linked here by the aphelios trailer end card.

Jacob Calderbank

@oussema ben mansour not even close dude, they literally live on opposite sides of the world lmao

oussema ben mansour

@Cecelia yasuo and aphelios are brothers.yea?

oussema ben mansour


Natasha Sura

ferre feys same.

l Baby l

Same lol

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One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor

One does not simply listen to this and not think of LotR

Jos-Jos Radvanjí

don't like lord of the rings so not true for me

Morgan Drollinger



Reminds me of The passing of the elves too

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