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The Curse of the Sad Mummy
by League of Legends

Every child in Valoran has heard the tale before,
About the cursed mummy boy who felt his heart no more.
So sad and lorn, the helpless lad, Amumu was his name,
He ventured out to find a friend and learn about his bane.

For many years, young Amumu traveled through the lands,
Determined to make friends, if only they would understand,
But even when Amumu stood upon the ledge of home,
His hope would disappoint him, and he would remain alone.

But then the curse began to whisper in his ear,
And would confirm what was Amumu's biggest fear,
It pledged that never shall someone become his friend,
It pledged that he shall be alone until his end.

The sorrow and despair,
Became too much to bear.

The moment when Amumu realized what he had done,
Too late it was, for him, for them, the evil curse had won.
The anger and the anguish overwhelmed his fragile soul,
And caused a wicked tantrum that he never could control.

Contributed by Bentley Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


So let me get this right lucian can get his wife back but poor amumu can't even have a single friend?


Oh men, don't make me cry again.

Lotus Spirit

untrue! bring him in piltover or zaun and make him meet robots; he can befriend them without cursing them


@nobledonkey17 ASJDAJDJA

Its Me PHSenior

He has friend though. His loneliness is a fiction created by his mind caused by curse.

hakim vart är du

that is so sad

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Arkan Sky

Yo does anyone know who cursed Amumu? i just wanna talk to them

*Graves' reloading sound*

Hidrag 87

Kindred have no reason to do that

Franco Rodríguez

@Razvan Gavrila that's not true, Kindred was released in 2015 too


It's actually his friend's grandma, she blammed him for their family death and she cursed amumu to feel infinite sadness. Amumu is pretty much immortal, being immortal is a curse for him which then he just feels infinite sadness. So kindred has no point of killing him since he never can meet his end. Even though in the song it says that he will be forever alone until his end. It just means that his end is no where and he is a immortal being that will forever be alone.

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