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Hot Doggin' Baby
Lee and the Liars Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Lee and the Liars:

Don't You Cry Jimmy please say you'll wait for me I'll grow up someday…
Fool for Love It feels like yesterday I you saw passing for the first…
I Just Don't Go Sittin' down here thinkin', I don't wanna go to Vietnam I'm…
If You Want Me You can help me if you want to But I have…
Rock'n Roll Tofu Shoop-bop,shoop-bop Shoop-bop,shoop-bop My mama told me …
Tonight's the Night The party's gone wild Tonight's the night This club is on fi…

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Comments from YouTube:

Isabella Lanter

HEY ANGELS! Here is part 2! If you are coming across this video and want to watch pt. one here it is

Kelly Cusick

Ty for all your time and research Isabella! 💗 I can't with either of these monsters. Jessie Lee's voice is like nails down a chalkboard 🙄


I see part 1 has coming up to 10k views in past day or so. Isn't that already double what # has on the original?

Pililiw Gaming

Im a nurse. Nursing licence is 70 dollars every 2 years ( thats literally 2 hours pay for me). My hospital offers disposable stethoscopes to use once per patient ( but you can buy your own stethoscope if you want). I bought scrubs once ( 4 pairs for 200 dollars ) and im wear them to work like every person wears normal or professional clothes to any job ( including mlmers in their videos). Also, free coffee in the break room at the hospital. These 2 scammers are full of it...

April Smith

I’m also a nurse and so much information is false. My previous company provided scrubs but you had a choice to buy extra. I also feel I am well paid for my position, although I may just be lucky to be in the company I am in. I went to community college and applied for scholarships and my degree cost me less than 5k over the course of 3 years. I got loans and paid them off because my job, mind blowing statement here…. Actually PAYS me a set rate for the work I do. Additionally ethics is a huge part of nursing, so I can see when something is unethical cough MLMs

Lorie LovesBooks

Nurses are the best.


The starbucks comparison drives me up the wall. I'm a teacher. Sometimes I come to class with Dutch bros or starbucks and a student will mention they want to go now after school. I'm not now required to jump on a zoom call with starbucks to talk about bringing more people in, and I'm not now messaging that student to see if they want to open a Starbucks. It's called being a human with interests.

Jessie, do not bring teachers into this conversation. Did I have to go to college to become a teacher? Yes. Were there additional costs to my teaching credential? Yep. However, that is my teaching credential now. It does not tie me to one school or district, and in my case even just my home state. It cost $100 in my state to renew my credential every five years, I can chose where I want to work. Also, I'm 28 and have a decent chunk in my retirement and get paid more every year. I own a home in a pretty expensive state. I should 100% be paid more money, but my pay is clear and not a guessing game each month.

The residual income just makes me laugh. My aunt used to work at Warner Brothers specifically in the payments department. People who never met Clark Cable are getting checks for Gone with the Wind. That's residual income.

Leisure Letter

Teacher here and 100% agree with this!


As a fellow teacher, I second this. Cheers 🍷

Miranda S

Absolutely hilarious to hear boss Lee say the anti MLM community are helping her grow whilst simultaneously sending out cease and desists. If she has any intention of claiming defamation she better stop thanking the anti MLM community for making her money 😂 damn where’s the logic 😭

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