Like A Baby
Len Barry Lyrics

When you smile
You're so adorable
So infantile
Just like a little child

Because you smile
Just like a baby
Just like a baby

When you frown
You look so helpless
That I sympathize
When I look in your eyes

I start to cry
Just like a baby
Just like a baby

But irresistable
Sometimes I don't know
What to do with you, yeah

I've grown accustomed to
The thrill of of loving you
And like a baby
I'll take care of you
I will, I will

I start to cry
Just like a baby
Just like a baby, yeah

When I hold you, you make
Me feel so very wonderful
Oh, you're so lovable

Because you feel
Just like a baby
Just like a baby
Hey, I know, I know

Oh, you feel
So very wonderful now
Oh, daddy needs a baby
Mmm, baby needs a daddy now

I know, I know
Everybody needs somebody, girl
And I'm no different than the rest

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Rena Tejada nice beat when i started to love suddenly this song;-)

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He has the best voice. He's gorgeous. He's upbeat. I don't think they played this in my town in 1965, but they sure did play 1-2-3. I tell my family, if I am ever in a coma or on my death bed, 1-2-3 will bring me out of it. It makes me feel so young, happy and alive inside.

Markie Jay

Why can't they make music like this anymore?


I don't know where somebody got the idea that Len doesn't like this song. He LOVES this record. ~ Alan White ~ Len Barry Management Team

Mick Di Salle

Please remind Mr. Barry that we're STILL fans, and we STILL love him, and are grateful for his contribution to "the Philly Sound"ย  !!!


Len was a hell of a soul singer. This tune was obviously meant to be a follow up to 1 2 3. I'm surprised it did'nt do better. I think it's great.

Francis Graff

I just became aware that Len was lead singer with the Dovells. Being from Philly myself, that was dumb of me. One of the songwriter's for all the dances in the 60's lived in my building, he passed away some four years ago, but I met his wife and she showed me some things. I heard she was visited by all the old singers when her husband dies. I guess you could say I am living over hallowed grounds. Somewhere is my favorite.

The Gnostic Truth

Not only a talented artist in several arts, but a good man with integrity and sincerity. I had no idea until I just found out, but I always loved this song, always felt it. Glad to be born in time to hear it, Len. Thanks pal.

Peter Barnes

What a great song... makes you feel great... love 1-2-3 as well. They should bring these songs back today...

Steven Stewardson

The AWESOME voice of Len Barry wow ๐Ÿ˜ฒ what a soul guy KTf everyone โค

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