Lengsel Lyrics

(Words: John Robert, Music: Tor Magne)

Come comfort me... soon now
Covering, calm distortion

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Comments from YouTube:


Incredibly great song. Wish Lengsel was still this good.

Nathaniel Byers

Incredibly underrated group!

Murray Chapman

Such an amazing album.

Mantric Norway

who says we ever left our faith? silly thing to say by those...

J. Láscarez

Que banda más buena !!


I hear you there mate. This album was amazing.

Beto Soares

Maravilha !

Matt Dionne

Great record

Moxlonibus Krypt

This is actually my favorite death metal album, I can listen to this forever and never tire. Thanks for posting!!!

Johaan Tödlicheschwert

@The Tito TV Show prog black metal and very atmospheric.

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