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Les voleurs de swing Lyrics

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thank u for this vid
note for u progamers:
u have to press the 'Absolute layout' bottom so u can set everything as u want

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Tony Quigley

Hi man i know you're really popular and stuff so you probably won't have time to even read this, let alone answer it, I'm trying to learn how to code in Java and Javascript, following it up with Python. Im not very good at all at the moment, im wondering, when i eventually do go for an entry level job in programing or testing or debugging, what kind of stuff will be expected of me? Because I'm kind of freaked out here, I'm watching guys creating snake and flappy bird and brick breaker in 6 minutes amd guys who just seem to know how to do everything without having to look up references... also, can you tell me roughly what i could expect fir basic pay as a new entry level programmer? Thanks so much


The guys who create flappy bird in 6 minutes are either really experienced, or they have already made a flappy bird game multiple times in the past.

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