A Christmas Carol
Leslie Bricusse Lyrics

Sing a song of gladness and cheer
For the time of Christmas is here
Look around about you and see
What a world of wonder
This world can be
Sing a Christmas carol
Sing a Christmas carol
Sing a Christmas carol
Like the children do
And the joy and beauty
Oh, the joy and beauty
That a merry Christmas can bring to you!

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Comments from YouTube:

Irene Sanders

This is THE BEST version of A Christmas Carol ever done. Finney nails it, and I watch this every year.


As do I. Merry Christmas.


I watch it every year too

Anthony V

same here, watch it every year as well..


Disney Parks uses this song so often during their Christmas Parades that I thought it was an original song owned by Disney. I had no clue it came from a movie.

The StoryTeller

Most things are inspired (or taken) from one thing or another ;)

Dr.Who1980 Productions


Derrick Trotter

This is the best Christmas film ever. This makes me happy!

Lilith Sargsyan

I think too, it's amazing and deep movie! ❤️ I really would like to have such kind of educational movies a lot🎥.


I have seen this about 40 times ! From my 10 th till my 50 ties! It’s just so unbelievably perfect! Have it on cd and no Christmas is perfect without me sitting on my couch whilst trying my kinds to find it as magical as I still hold it

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