Against All Oddz
Lethal Bizzle Lyrics

Life ... Life is hard man,
Like ... If you're not focussed like,
I swear you tear yourself mad,
One thing about life is though,
Theres always someone ... something,
Who's got something to say,
It's like ... I dunno man,
Why can't you just leave me alone man like,
Man just wants to make my music man like,
Why can't you just leave me alone and let me make my music man,
Why's someone always gotta say something man,
Let me just make my music man,
For sure, Yo, Yo

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Comments from YouTube:

why so serious

Listening to this as a 17 year old boy then listening as a 30 year old man.. still gives me the same feeling

why so serious

@The Art Of KXN71 great minds and all that mate 👊🏻

The Art Of KXN71

Literally said the same thing I was like 8 when this came out

Stewart McCoy

Hidden gem! The production is quality, fair play to Plasticman...


very under rated track

Jimmy Conway

big respect for upload

Conteh Augustine Abu

that's all true big bro bizzlee

Phatstuff Vlogs


Taliban Trim

@Xotekk done check my page.


Taliban Trim oh ye cheers mate

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