Lethal Bizzle Lyrics

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Tech 9 and Lzser beams/
Ski mask and dope fiends/
im locked up but not chopped up/
im high nigga but not fucked up/
im dirty nigga but im suited up/
my reeboks they tied up/
my shirt wrinkled its tucked up/
Respect my mind or get fucked up/
my watch nigga its iced up/
my westside niggaz crunked up/
my bullets missed u lucked up/
u must of had yo head ducked/
these crackers got me fed up/
this weed got me choaked/
this beef got me woke up/
im bout ta ta throw up/
but wait, hold/
nigga throw yo set up westside niggaz aint givin up(yeah)

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Comments from YouTube:

Jakob Pelicon

One of the best videos in a while. Legend!

Mohammed Ateeq

Lethal is definitely lethal 💯

James M

If Idris Elba can do the official Shutdown remix, Judi Dench should be on the official Spectre Skank remix.

Jules N.

Waaaaay better than sam smith's Writting's on the wall... The MGM should make a last minute change

The Lobster (Band)

It's sad when this would've been ACTUALLY better.

Jasper Allen

Loool i can see everyone at the end credits just skanking to this 😂

v fv

Better than the bars on the actual fester skank loooooooooooool



Kerry Louise

I want this released so bad!!

Tony McGovern

I've always wanted that also

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