Lethal Bizzle Lyrics

My Intro
Tech 9 and Lzser beams/
Ski mask and dope fiends/
im locked up but not chopped up/
im high nigga but not fucked up/
im dirty nigga but im suited up/
my reeboks they tied up/
my shirt wrinkled its tucked up/
Respect my mind or get fucked up/
my watch nigga its iced up/
my westside niggaz crunked up/
my bullets missed u lucked up/
u must of had yo head ducked/
these crackers got me fed up/
this weed got me choaked/
this beef got me woke up/
im bout ta ta throw up/
but wait, hold/
nigga throw yo set up westside niggaz aint givin up(yeah)

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