Electrician's Day
Liam Lynch Lyrics


I, I'm down here to tell you all lil story

Now the lord, the lord is looken down on me
thats right and hes sayin "craka give it up"!
I'm like mmmmm MMMmm!

Now the lord might be sayin
"honky i said get yo white ass off the stage"!
But my friends I am here to give thanks for electricians day
Leme s leme give ya somthin right here right here
Eeeelectricians day
It's a special day for meeeeeee!
Leme here ya right down here say it leme here

Hmmmmmmmmymmym electricians day yaaaa

Now that was O.K.
I think you need to work on it... sum
Now the lord is sayin to me
"whity plz"
But lord I thank you for electricity
I thank you... for electricians day

Lord it's a special day yaaaa!

Now right now the good lord might be thinkin
"I will striketh thee down"!
Well lord all i have to say

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Comments from YouTube:

Izera Stephen

We really enjoy this song so much and it always makes us laugh !!!
How can there be no comments yet???
Liam, you are so creative :)

CeCe !

I was 7th - 8th grade (2003) when I got this album. To this day we jam this , crank it to 11 brother cuz we ON!

marcus donaldson

Holy shit, isn't it bitter sweet when you realize something you had as a youthful kid is brilliant to you but yet soo underrated and unknown. This was my middle school years and i laughed my balls off!

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Alexander Villacampa

This whole album is sick.

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