Liam Lynch Lyrics

SOS - I don't even know whose house this is...
SOS - But I know I'm a friend of a friend of his...
SOS - I'd get out but I can't find the door

SOS - I hope it's somewhere on the floor
SOS - This ain't a party, this is sick
SOS - I've lost count and I can't quit
SOS - So turn it up 'cause we're going down
SOS - If this keeps keeps up then we're gonna drown

Where's my lighter? SOS
My Shirt feels tighter... SOS
I found a fiver. SOS
My brain's on fire...

This poor ship is going down
We're overboard and wasted now
If you're gonna say,
What I think you're gonna say...

SOS! Our gears are stripped, we're so out of whack
SOS! No use in holding nothing back.
SOS! Nights like these are rare indeed
SOS! So raise em in the air for me...

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Comments from YouTube:

Jan H.

I recently took part in a dark vape meeting where dead people where vaped... I didn't vape a dead person myself but inhaled second dead people vape. Since then I am not the same, I feel the craving for dead people vape every single minute. Do you know someone who could help me with some vaporcism? Please....


The sacred council has decreed. The once mighty Raven's days are numbered. Oh hear me now fools. The Raven shall fly no more. 18mg chaos and clouds of vengeance will be brought upon your soul

Drip&Rip Reviews

Interesting how you left out the part where you summoned cloudthulu and forever put us into servitude of the great vapey squid.


"Don't eat people meat and don't vape a dead person" Ha! Great stuff man.

Teodoro Salluzzi

Thank you for the PSA. I really appreciated it. I lost a brother to dark vaping, well he's not dead but he's hooked to a machine that filters VG out of his bloodstream. We don't know what happened to him, but now, when he farts, it smells like lemon sherbets.

John Abbate

Is there a way to vape a pentagram coil (safely), or are they strictly for branding?


dude...I heard from this guy that knew a guy that said he had a cousin that played grimm green's Nebula part 2 vid backwards and it gives instructions on how to build the pentagram coil....but get this...half way through the vid...his eyes started to bleed.

Joseph Martin

the 510 on my pacemaker broke

JoePiperMagic Official

Is this the Liam Lynch that sang 'United States of Whatevet'? ? ?

Third Eye

Holy water and custard 😂

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