Tease Me
Lianne La Havas Lyrics

A dream never stops
But I see the end before I wake up
Ooh, a dream never wins, no
So I pray for yesterday
And I haven't slept a wink since

I never know what I want, what I need
So I think its best you stay away from me

'Cause I hate the way you tease me
I am not lonely, I'm alright
But you sure don't make it easy
To show my hand and say, "goodnight"

Try anything
But it's me who takes the blame
If I sing, oh
Will I try again?
No, I've received my faithful end
How did I let this shit happen?

I never know what I want, what I need
So I think its best you stay away from me

'Cause I hate the way you tease me
I am not lonely, I'm alright
But you sure don't make it easy
To show my hand and say, "goodnight"

Will I try again? No

I hate the way you tease me
I am not lonely, I'm alright
But you sure don't make it easy
To show my hand and say, "goodnight"

I never let my guard down
So why did I let it slide for you?
I know it so wrong, but somehow
There's nothin' I could say, or do, or do

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Comments from YouTube:


One of those rare musicians who is a killer songwriter, player, singer, and performer all wrapped into one.

Para Akula

@a1an she really is


AND ... she is beautiful!


I really like this. I'm glad I happened upon Lianne...

Michelle Rivera

Andrew Doney Is

Toussant l bisso

Lyric Quote " I am a One Man Band !" from Lianne's song Forget !


seriously that guitar line is hard enough on its own, and she's just singing effortlessly.

Gerben Hendriks

its not that hard but it doesn't have to be to sound great

Script Star

Seth, My two cents (as a self-taught guitar player). I agree with Michael Neu and others who say the guitar is hard enough. As a student of the instrument yourself, you quite reasonably asked why. You do not need to study so long to have some knowledge and command of these chords. You could even say the chords are "easy". But when you add the subtle and precise vibrato, steadiness of the alternating bass line, introduction of some melodic leading tones that rise to the surface here and there, with some sick but at the same time accurate bends, and insertion of full chords, partials or double stops and even a subtle subsurface run you are dealing with true counterpoint (while managing the complexity of her unusually excellent vocal delivery). Then you come up with still another element... Her use of dynamics. it is hard to do all of those things, and then have such complete a level of control of "levels" - where different elements of the melody, harmony and bass come to the surface briefly and then fade away - like watching porpoises or a pack of seals breaching the waves. Just because the chords are harmonically elementary does not mean that there is anything easy about the way she uses them. I'm sure that more than a few blues greats would actually approve. Sound engineers might earn six figures to do what she does even better than them - and with just her fingers, while busy singing a story at the same time. There are many pro performers with decades on the guitar who lack the combination of subtlety and understated complexity. Some, no doubt by choice. Many of them take some complex passage and hit you over the head with it, - "look what I can do" - and yet their own mothers might not recognize them, because so many others do the same thing. You might even call it one of Lianne's trademarks that she goes for understated and intimate, avoiding overpowering guitar distracting from her vocal message. That requires a precise balance, to avoid her playing getting ignored under her voice. She's great on the guitar, IMHO, and is proud of how well she has mastered it, and can stand out from the crowd. Even with her talent, it took a great deal of effort to play as well as she does on this and other videos, and she and I know she deserves to be appreciated for it. Hence this monologue. I half hope she reads this, to know that many among us appreciate the level of skill there, and not just her compositional and vocal skills.  

I adore what you do Ms. La Havas! You are one of a kind! Thanks for your music!

Seth, I hope this helps. If you are still unsure, I suggest try learning the chords and recreating some or all of just the guitar part of this song. Record yours, and listen to your performance and hers back to back. I suspect some of the differences will become clearer, pointing out what makes her way of playing it hard.

Dennis Reynolds

@Kurtis Rowe The guitar part is pretty easy. Singing along with it isn't that hard, but it's not easy though. Pretty common talent. Her voice and songwriting ability isn't common though that's for sure

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