Life Long Tragedy Lyrics

No matter what pain this brings,
Just don't say shit and pack your things.
And without shame or warning
We'll be somewhere else tomorrow morning.
Grip the bottle that warms our veins
'Til the storm subsides to clearer skies.
There's no prayer in the message I send,
Sometimes the only way out is just another dead end.
There will be obstacles,
This world has fangs and claws.
Consider yourself a lucky one if you truly know who the fuck you are.
Old loves that broke your heart,
New tongues that were no fun.
We are the grotesque runaways, embracing what you've abandoned.
Advocates for desperate
And graceful faces
Welcome change looks all the same
In a different location

Memories down the drain
I forget them gradually.
They vanished just like I did.
Derailed, no path for me
So take your sentiments
The evidence that you present
Tells me I've got it wrong
But it's you that makes no fucking sense.
Fuck you, we will elude
Can't capture us
Don't be confused.
From the mortals I'm removed.
Found vultures walking in my shoes.


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Comments from YouTube:

thomas barton

i've listened to this abum thousands of times.
still so good

Kevin Kramer

Hardcore classic

T Jaybeez

Rip to a great musician



Rodney King

R.I.P. RJ Phillips

T Jaybeez

Great guitarist rip

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