2 Way Love Affair
Lil Boosie Lyrics


Yuh yuh
Shut up
(shut the fuck up)
What up
(what up bae)
Man sometimes..
I just cant make my mind up
I love you though
(u know i love you rite?)
Im trapped;im caught up
Caught up,in the middle
(yea in the middle)
Of a 2 way love affiar
Imm trapped;caught up
Caught up
In the middle
(yea)in the middle
Of a 2 way love affair

-verse 1-

I know i fucked up
I hurt you so many times
I know u tierd of cryin
I apologize.
Can you come n take a ride in my 45
Real talk im missing you
Kissing you and hugging you tight
And makin love on sight
(we fuck wherever)
We together is the best i ever done
But when the love gets to deep
I run.
But i love you though
Cuz you on my mind everytime i fuck another hoe
Thats how i really know.
Late night countin paper with me
(i remember)
Bubble bath,u usto cater to me.
Dont wanna lose you to the streets
Thats why everytime we beef
I call ya like "lets meet"
(fa real)
Shit dun got too deep
You dont want to be my friend
I gotta old lady n she been here


Whats up man(whats up)
Why you trippin man!?
Im made my mind up
What you talkn about?


Im caught up; caught up
In the middle
(yea)the middle
Of a 2 way love affair

-verse 2-

Say girl you know whats happenin
You know what i do
The way she say she love boo
She cant be number 2.
So we beefin; she cheatin
And i dun lost love
Plus my real thang
Man i almost lost her
Wan be wit you somtimes
Wanna be wit her somtimes
If i could have you both
That'll really blow my mind.
Sometimes i want to let you both go
But they get me in the bed
N they take me on that rodeo.
Why u cant let her go?
Cuz i love her
And she been down wit me from the shine
To the struggle.
(u dont understand)
You a bad muhfucka,
You say you love me.
What got me feenin for you;
What got you feenin for me?


Im caught up; caught up
In the middle(yea)
The middle
Of a 2 way love affair


This is a old hit
(a classic)
I just brought that bitch back(like a motherfuckin flat top)boosie bad azz stop.
(you know)
I know they gotta motherfucka trapped out there tonight
Cant make your mind up
That outside pussy a fool!
Caught up!
Boosie bad azz
Turn me up.

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Bria Williams

Who still playing this in 2020πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ™„πŸ₯΄

porshia mosley

2019 who still listening πŸ‘‚πŸ½ βœ‹πŸΎ



Koshari Papi


Mr Douglas


Press Playboi

porshia mosley 2020 fam

Edwin Wyatt


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Kayla Miller

I swear boosie got a song for every situation u in.



Miry Ray


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