Dirty World
Lil Boosie Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Can't even ride thru da hood n peace...
So f.u.c.k. all da police...
Fuck da judge... fuck da chomp n da district attorney
Check my bank account n bitch c wat I'm earning...
It's a dirty dirty world n it keep on turning...
Niggas keep gettin shot but dey still ain't learning...
Wrap your dick up cause dey dick of have da hick ups...
Women play games so I advise u get a prenut...
Jena 6 dee-dee... u c dis world wicked...
Dey killin at da skools from college to elementary,..
Sum ppl don't do shit for dey child-dirty world
Sum jobs don't give u shit wen u retire-dirty world
Ppl get dey money n give it to otha countries...
But ppl n dey same hood livin' like junkies...
So I b like: dear mr.president... y u wanna take my license... send me cross seas to fite n lose control

It's a dirty dirty world dat we live n
Um um um um um um um
It's a dirty dirty world dat we live n [x3]

[Verse 2:]
Can't even trust ya own family at times...
Nigga will make your whole family cry...
It's either rappers shooting or ballers hustlin
Dats da only way u make it n dis motherfucking hood
Mo money... mo murder, it's real n it's a fact a lack,
So watch your cars n watch da dice
Ya only live like budget... gotta do it big like aunt pam tell boosie" torrence do yo shit n I can't leave home w/o my gun
Kinda paranoid
Nigga mite john leenen me cause I'm a supastar...
So keep your soda on your click...
Luk at micheal vick
All dat shit behind em pits...
Dis fuckin world make me sick...
Wen dey kill deers n put dem on da wall... n dey kitchen... (glorify em)
We fite dogs... ya'll fite chickens... wats da fuckin difference...
Judge got a fucking grudge... he saw my gold teeth n labeled me as a thug
Fuck it...

It's a dirty dirty world dat we live n
Um um um um um um um
It's a dirty dirty world dat we live n [x3]

[Verse 3:]
Now dis 3rd verse, 4 my niggas n da pen who cudnt survive n dis dirty world
Go bk again... repeat a fella... judge finna eat em 4 dinner...
Last. last but n da courthouse he can rememba...
Uncle sam got a nigga life like whoah
My next meal goin on da motherfuckin floor.
Dez niggas turn styates...
Dez niggas turn fake.the rap game fuckers...
Everybody burn tapes...

It's a dirty dirty world dat we live n
Um um um um um um um
It's a dirty dirty world dat we live n [x3]

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Comments from YouTube:

Cincinnati Camaro Club

"You Only Live Life Ones You Got To Do It BIG" Boosie talking real shit on this song

Darius Willams

This song is this world Anthem now!!!

Katora Cole



Real G's understand

P. Miller

That young man did not lie about this one right here cause its real. ..Yall know it....

Genesis Green

You just gots to know how to move in dis dirty azz world

VooDoo Wiz

real shit

Dr.kutzuoff Palma

2020 ? Who's here stillπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Desi The Esthi


Tom Madison

I'm still here 2021

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