Fresh Cut
Lil Boosie Lyrics

B(B)-O(O)-S(S)-I(I)-E(E) Thats Me

Fresh Cut Shined Up Bones, (Shine Em Up)
Throw Backs And Girbaud (I Got Them Bauds)
New Whips On 24's (Duece 4's)
And I'm About To Hop On Them Hoes (Yeah)

They Be On A Nigga, Yeah They Want A Nigga Look Just Got My Hair Cut, Just Put My Rims
Just Got My Throw Back Out The Closet (Ooooo) That Jim Brow
I Got Prolinthasensce I Got Some Creasy Jeans
And On My Feet I Got Some Reeboks Straight From New Orleans
Pc Jane Hang, 4 12's Bang
A Bad Bitch Up On My Side And She Givin Brain
I Went To S Son Got Filled Up On Real Stuff, On Top Of That I'm Grilled Up
Hoes Hollin Out The Window, Boosie Pass Me That Indo
I Told Her Slow Down Lil Mama Look Cause We Ain't Ken Folk
They Be On A Nigga, Yeah They Want A Nigga
They Gone Take Lil Boosie Home And Act A Donkey Wit Em
Show Me That Thong And It's On
Give Me That Head And Get Bread
I Like Em Black Caramel And Red Look
And Mr Officer Mr Officer Would You Please Get These Dog Hoes Off Of Us

You Betta Keep Yo Girl Inside, Cause Girls Fuckin Niggas Drive 745
Girls Love Niggas Drive 745, And Ya Right And Ya Hustle And Ya Know Ya Finna Bubba
I Know I'm Bout That Trouble Nigga So I Don't Trip
I Got Shoes On My Whip And They Walkin Like The Crips
Hair Cut Like Steve Harvey Blow Weed Like Bob Marley
Imma Business Man Ask My Brother Takari
I Got A Closet Full Of Gear I Got Em All In My House
I Got Yo Rent Note Yo Car Note All Up In My Mouth
I Be In Thighs Be In Jeans And 112 Up In The A
She A Fine Thick Fella And I Call Her Cup Cake
I'm A Beastand Don't You Think
Just Cause Bosie Wearin Pink I Won't Come From Under This Mink And Leave You Leakin Like Ink Nigga
Now Back To The Topic Niggas Now How I'm Rockin
Leave Yo Girl At Home Fa Lil Bosie Become Yo Problem
Friday Got On My Glasses Saturday Got On My Classics
Holidays Ain't Got On No Shirt I'm Straight Actin
Friday Got On My Glasses Saturday Got On My Classics
Holidays Ain't Got On No Shirt I'm Straight Actin

I Must Be The Greatest Cause I'm Loved By The Ladies
Throw Back From 80's Got These Girls Gone Crazy
Look Here Lift Up That Shirt And Let Me See Somethin
Huh Breh, She Lookin Like She Wanna Freak Somethin
I'm On The Yard Trien To Snatch Me A Nerd
Got They Eyes Like Smokey As I'm Turnin The Curb
Cause They Don't Like Me, They Wanna Fight Me
Cause I Wear Mitchell Ns And They Wear White Tees Get Ya Money Up
Get Ya Money Up Thats Wat Make The Honeys Come If Ya Broke All The Time Man Ain't No Girls Gone Wanna Fuck
Look And Fa Me I'm The Sickest And Yeah It's A Line
Girls Sendin Naked Pictures Of They Fuckin Behind
Cause My Car I Got Blind And I'm Thuggin These Hoes
My Braclet Watch Chain And My Ring Rose Gold
You Can Catch Mepowin 4's In Da Club Wit My Homie
Hoes Pullin On A Nigga Like He Kobe Damn

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Comments from YouTube:

Quintez Little

That old Boosie will never play out...#babypac

Alex Jones

Big facts ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ

Peter Greene

Fr they took him away in his prime

Rikky Hernandez

I think it's the streetz is mine mixtape

74keef G

Quintez Little whats the name of this album

EL Dawg

Use to bump this back in college before I would step out. Motivated me to be fresh. The memories

Big Dawg Ent

Mane for real I was in middle school when this dropped tryna get fresher than a mf just to go outside somewhere lol the good ol days

Eric Ryan


Jahi Singleton

EL Dawg what yโ€™all do what you do what ya do you call wya was

domi bryant

EL Dawg who cares about being fresh. Be a persnal trainer n u get em just cause ur sexy likevme. Im never fresh

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