Streetz Iz Mine
Lil Boosie Lyrics

I wasn't Mad until the world forgot about me*
Best beleive I'm back bitch drama man it's drama time I'm still reppin dis track shit, real niggaz I fuck with from Cali to A-town, louisianas str8 gagnsta it's get down or lay down
K round dey blast off from nightfall to daylight
Hit em up hit em up hit em up had to put it up in dey life
Told ma niggas head bound gotta get diz mail now
I'm 2 steps 4rm a million fuk gon to jail now
I pt da gutta in ma back pack take em to skoo
Do's need dnt's to rights need wrongs I teach em da rules
Fuk with real nikkas lik fukin B.G u get yo chest fulla holes wen u fukin with me
I play 4 keep u hear me u should'ntbeen killed me now I'm in da dope money got me in touchable dat fithy shit
Hit u with diz 40 glock boi I make yo heart stop 2 belly shots den his drawlz drop
Da streetz mine dvd's dats ma life nikka think I'm kend of fred flintstone hide ma ice glitter
Told u once twice nikka 3 strikes u out
Told u boyz I'm finna run da south

Since 98 I been a beast underated ma whole life
Small az a motherfucker harder den a fukin rucker
Bustin at ma enemies rap shit need change shit
Only nikkas I ride with Is da nikkas dat I vibe with
50 grand on ma wrist 4 I hit da sto
So if I flop den it's bk to sellin old
Kant 4 get about ma nikkas in dat pen rep it hard
Keep lil boosie in dey walkman wen dey wlkin threw da door
Dig deep need peep diz real shit off top man I'm da realist
"Y lil boosie" Kause I live it Lik Jeezy I set da city on fire
Only thing I ain't did yet is die need feelin lik T.I
Pussy, weed, need alcohol big money turn a str8 bitch to a str8 dog I ain't lyin
I shine in any kind of wheather
Wen it's kold I heat u up a lil bit
Have u buckin in shit

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Isaac Torres

2020 boosie still the hardest out chea


Still jamming 2019

Nicole Wilson

Dis my shit!


Reggie Alston me too and I’m a hippie artist Caucasian man πŸ˜‚ this is my shit


take yo time out n listen to him.!! and no someone you can relate him too personally and you can understand his music not for everybody but the he's the ghetto preacher

Bigdickchaney Tripp


Jason King

I agree




Shit crazy, hittin different slidin into 2020


Lousiana is str8 gangsta it's get down or lay down

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