Touch Down
Lil Boosie Lyrics

I touchdown at 11: 45 with a 50 pound lick and a couple hard nines
Now I'm back on the grind on my side I got a nine
And I'm a go blind if you disrespect my mind
Fuck, I'm fresh out that pad door still smokin' cali dro
Still totin' calicos
You niggas ought to know I was cold at 16, man I'm in n out of prison
My father figure dead so that's how a nigga livin'
What would you do, if you was Boo?
Kill every nigga who hate on you
Ridin round scared thinkin' a nigga finna play with you
I'm Rambo in that bottom cause I lay down law
It's consequences when u play me cause I lay down chalk
If you ain't heard about Lil Boosie then I'm making my mark
I cutt ya throat and take ya house, thats that Souja Slim talk
If you got money they can't never hold it down in the dark
They can make you feel brave but that money don't talk, and I...

I touchdown cause hell
Touchdown to cause hell x3

And I told myself I wasn't go go to jail but I lied
Now my Momma on her knees and she cry
And my daughter askin' where her daddy at and why? (where he at and why?)
Now the feds on a nigga heart
Got to put my whip up cause Lil Boosie smart
I touchdown, I'm blues in the block
If ya owe me better pay me or I'm bruisin' ya now
To tall you hoes who ain't chose don't holla now
I got a lot of money now and I'm wilder now
Look, they take yo' ring you frog eyed lookin' bitch
You gon' take my .45 cause you can't afford a nigga shit
Oh well give me a bun, put me back and learn
Joel I'm in this bitch and no I don't learn
Got to get my pad and hit my bunk and write some savage shit
Wait on my name to be called like hash packing shit

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This song got a different meaning as of today

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