real slow
Lil Boosie Lyrics

Lil Boosie Bad Azz
Take A Ride Wit Me Nigga
Real Slow

I Roll Slow Through The Ghetto Kid's Holla' Boosie
This Life A Nigga Livin' Like I'm Starring In A Movie
Fresh Out The Jacuzzi Lil Powder On My Chest
Got 30 On My Neck Turk And Mel Just Cut The Check
The Old People Hollin' Bad Azz Boy You Blessed
Just Keep Your Head Up And Let God Do The Rest Cuz
I Ride Clean With Gucci Glasses Eatin' Fettuccine
In The Rooms With Savages Got The Screens In The
Back Seat, Girls Screamin' In The Back Seats Black
Tank, Black Hot With A Dime Piece Yeha I'm For Real
And I Wake Up Every Morning Tryin To Get That Mil'
Told My Momma I'm Change You Will See That
This World Full Of Trouble And I'm Boosie B
The B That's For Bad Azz Fast Cash That's What A Nigga
Chasing Headin' To The Top Cuz I Ain't Got No Patience

[Chorus: x2]
Real Slow Take A Ride Wit Me Nigga Where The 5 0 Ride On A Nigga
Real Slow Take A Ride Wit Me Nigga Where The Good Niggas Die By The Trigga'
Real Slow

I Made A Right On Murda Murda Huh
Time To Smoke On Me Some Purple Purple Nuh
Let My Top Back And Cock My Glock Back
And Now I'm Crusin' Night Time Hit Had To
Quit Distributing I Called Up Fire Red
She Say She Got Something For Me
Shawty She Strait Thugin' That Girl
Can Take Something Eat Piccadilly
Four Times A Day All The Bad Bitches
Like Boosie You Ain't Gained No Weight
Motivate Me Girl And Let Me Know I'm Da Shit
Tell Em' Bout Me Girl So They Can Know I'm Da Shit
I Let Down My Window And Stick Out My Wrist
I Let The Doors Up And Jump Out Of My Shit
And All The Chicks Be Fascinated Cuz I'm Fresh Faded
The Hood Glad I Made It Get Your Bread Hatch Baby
20 Miles Per Hour In The Heat Of The Night
Crusin' Down Airline Livin That Life

[Chrous x2]

I Made A Right On Holly Road Saw Some Lil Niggas
Throwing Fours The Lil Nigga In The Black Say Them 24's
I Told Him Yea And You Can Get Em If You Get A Roll
On The Block The Cops Hot So We Ride Slow
No Beat Just The Highs And The Highs Low
Stop At The Fina Got A Tee And A Bandanna
A Baby Bottle Of That Lean And A Grape Fanta
Got My Shit Cut Fresh By My Nigga Poohla
Falling Asleep In The Chair Me And My Ruda
I Had To Shake Back Quick Off Of Nestea
Got Out The Chair Iced Up And A Fresh Tee Steve Harvey
That's Me Car Up In Reverse I Put It In Drive
One Destinated Roller But We All Get High
Slow Motion When We Ride But We All Go Live
Comin Through That South Swerving Side To Side And We Ride

[Chrous x2]

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Anthony L

Santa clause delivers to this song every christmas.

By Kristin Johnson

Rashun el-amin zzzzxx..xyzzy,6;,

By Kristin Johnson

Rashun el-amin morning

Dashuna Rivera

Mannn πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’€

Epifaino Vargas

Lol no cap

Eric Alexander


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Vonte Kirkland

Fav. Boosie song ... πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

lenaris braddy

keep ya head up n let God do da rest

Issa Glitch

Boosie never dies in SC #RealNikka

Shawn D

This used to be my late night steath mode diving music

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