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by Lil Nas X

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Bring U Down I don't know what's gonna bring you down I don't know…
C7osure True say I want and I need To let go Use my time…
Donald Trump Ricky! It's in the trunk, (yeah, yeah) Pop the trunk and…
F9mily You, and me Yeah we, gotta fix this family And I know…
kIck IT (Bizness Boi) Run to To me For three See, if you need …
Old Town Road Yeehaw Oh, oh-oh Oh Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the ol…
Old Town Road ft. Billy Ray Cyrus Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town…
Old Town Road PARODY Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town…
Panini Daytrip took it to 10 (hey) Ayy, Panini, don't you be…
Rodeo Daytrip took it to 10 (hey) Oh here we go, please…

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Allen McKee

this how many pepole love lil nas x

Dragon Master


Julian Milhe

Manu Genobli

Max Khade

Only 5 people wow

Gabriel Silva

Lil nas x was fire even on the beginning,that's why he deserves all this success now.


@Swag. com "you no nothing about wii" no???? LMFAOOOO YOURE ILLITERATE (: dumbass (:

Swag. com

@Sixannon Quit saying kid, leave the channel alone. You no nothing about Wii. You probably never heard of Lil Nas X at all. That's why your a 1000% hater!


@Swag. com go back to your wii kid

Swag. com

@Sixannon Your 100% wrong actually, your a kid only.


@Swag. com idk why you're saying bye kid, you must know I'm right and you have no point staying (:

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