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Lily Allen Lyrics

Now listen I think you and me have come to the end of our time
What d'ya want? Some kinda reaction? Well OK that's fine
Alright how'd it make you feel if I said you never made me come
In the year and a half that we spent together yeah I never really had much fun

All the times that I said I was sober, well I'm afraid I lied
I'd be lying next to you and you next to me
All the while I was high as a kite

I can see it in your face as you break it to me gentle yeah you really must think you're great
Well let's see how you feel in a couple of weeks when I work my way through your mates

I never wanted it to end up this way
You've only got yourself to blame
I'm gonna tell the world you're rubbish in bed now
And that you're small in the game

So you thought this was gonna be easy, well you're out of luck
Well let's rewind let's turn back time
To when you couldn't get it up

You know what it shoulda ended there
That's when I shoulda shown you the door
As if that weren't enough to deal with
You became premature

Sorry if ya feel that I'm being kinda mental
But you left me in such a state
Now I'm gonna do to you what you did to me
I'm gonna reciprocate

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Francesca Wemyss

i was obsessed with this album when i was about 11, i listened to it every night and even sung one of the songs in a talent show what i was in year 6.. listening back... the lyrics make so much more sense:L x i love lilys albums because every single song on them are all amazing, and really creative. gutted shes retired! xx

Wooly Cooly

shes back!

sylvie howard

shes not ahah


Lily Allen has such a great voice. I'd say this is my favourite but i love all of her songs! (yeah, i'm a big fan XD)

Terri Waters

I just found out the guy I've been seeing for nearly a year had been seeing 6 other girls when I went away for a month. All lyrics apply. Kudos to Lily Allen.

tanja ilic

Every girl sometimes need to hear this kind of song... So, thank you, Lily Allen ❤ ... This whole album was great, btw


she is the best freaking singer this world has ever discovered

Louise Kalamari

Love it.... Lily Allen... "Lets see if you feel so great, in a couple of weeks, when i work my way through your mates"

Danilda Estévez

I <3 Lily Allen... no one said it better.

Jacob Alter


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