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Let's Give It More Chance
Lily Vasquez Lyrics

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@Kathleen Wyatt Great response. Thank you for sharing.

When a girlfriend (a premature baby unit nurse) slapped me at a bowling alley in front of my teenage daughter she me 25 years ago, I put her over my knee an paddled her backside several times, then told her to stop hitting me.

Everyone around was shocked and looked at me as if I was being violent. But her red face told the story. She was a regular at the bowling place, I was not. She had been doing as you described above. I never hit back. But that occasion was out of order. She got precisely what she deserved in my opinion.

I also never initiate violence, and use blocking tactics if attacked by other guys. I made one cry once - just by continually blocking him and stepping back each time.

We are complex creatures. My personal theory, based upon the work of Sitchin and Pye, is that we are alien/ape hybrids. Bill Hicks’ ‘virus with shoes’ theory was amusing, but the more modern ‘sheeple’ to describe the masses seems more accurate.

It’s very rare to find anyone who’s developed their own original takes on the world as you have. Most just repeat what the mainstream media is telling them to think - today!

Evidence of this is that the majority have forgotten that life on Earth is totally dependent upon the relationship between sunlight, carbon and water. And they believe that a Brooklyn meercat who’s admitted his role in G o F research, actually cares about their health…!

As the great George Carlin observed, EVIAN is NAIVE in reverse…! As a yuppie, I used to buy EVIAN in bars - when I wasn’t buying champagne!! It’s a learning process, a journey, just a ride.


Kathleen Wyatt

@G58 Thank you @G58, I appreciate your response! We all have our own perspectives that have been shaped by life experiences, education and states of mind at specific times in our life.

While my earlier comment was written off-the-cuff, it is apparent to me that you have a great deal of education and knowledge in the subject of…psychology?

With that being said, I have known women, and was a friend with one in my 20s, who had similar traits as Amber Heard. I was very concerned about her physical safety; she thought nothing of slapping and punching men…not only boyfriends at the time but guys she knew in bars. She seemed to feel invincible to reciprocal violence. Of course, alcohol and drugs fueled the violence. Well, she actually moved in with one guy she met at the bar, for such a short period of time that I never met him, who punched back. She tempered her violent tendencies with men after that. She’s lucky to be alive.

I agree that Johnny Depp is a narcissist, but that goes for almost every actor/actress in Hollywood! Once they reach a certain level of fame, they are surrounded with “yes” people. He admits to serious drug and alcohol problems. Because I lived with my ex-husband (alcoholic/drug problems) for many years, I can attest to the fact that it was one of most difficult times in my life. Ultimately, he decided to leave our home because he would not stop drinking. I discovered he was drinking and driving with our young daughter in the car, and that was the final straw for me!

Yes, I agree that both Heard and Depp are both narcissists. But, based on everything that I have learned about the case, as well as lived through and learned in the past 60 years, I do feel that she was the aggressor in their relationship. They had such a toxic relationship, and one that should have been avoided.

Just like the average man or woman, the Hollywood stars screw up! Thank goodness, we have our anonymity…their messes are watched and picked apart by millions!

michelle annor

@Melanie B The Pirates 6 movie will flop commercially (unless Margot Robbie works for almost nothing). Boys (and some girls) like Pirates who are male idols to boys the way Princesses are to girls. Unless Margot Robbie is wearing a string bikini, who will care.

MR is a great actress but she can't carry a franchise. It's just another example of pointless gender swapping and women piggybacking off male actors success eg
+Mad Max Fury Road but actually tricking the audience and having Charlize Theron's character as the real lead (can't call the film Furosa as they knew males wouldn't turn up)
+Ghostbusters :all women

All female Films like 355, Oceans 8, the recent boring / woke Charlie's Angels nearly always flop or do less well than male equivalents.

Pirate movies were bombing prior to POTC eg Cutthroat Island etc.

Margot Robbie couldn't carry Birds of Prey.

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She is clearly taunting someone she claims to be so afraid of. She is the aggressor in this relationship.

Theresa Resendez

@Isaias Herrero you need to leave. Believe me! I stuck through for 2 decades. Then my daughter started dating an abuser. When I tried to tell her to leave, she looked at me, dead in my face and told me, "But he loves me though. He just has some issues. He's alot like my Dad". That's when I knew it was time for me to leave. I was not going to let my kids think that abuse=love. It was not easy. And I grieved our marriage. But I got passed it and remarried years later. I found my true soul mate after my divorce. Believe me, it's possible.

Anne Flynn

@Starphire Her true side didn’t come out till later.

Anne Flynn

This is the only time her eyes were down.


@LovingmyMcMahon 33 Great point and sorry for your past experiences.

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Mark Hoffman

This was absolutely brutal. The scary thing is how many psychos like her actually get away with this, and innocent men end up dead or in prison. The good thing here is Karma worked beautifully, and this scvmbag will never ever find love and happiness

Margarita Heath

@Eva Caceres Either way, we were not promised a Tomorrow. Only God knows her fate

Margarita Heath

At 2:33 you can see Depp taking off his glasses and getting VERY uncomfortable hearing her voice


Musk gave it a shot. Then the actors that stopped by for a friendly romp in the sack with Amber, used her and she was trying to go to another bed. Musk thankfully figured it out. Wonder if amber was the reason for his marriage breaking up. I would have to look at the time line.

Xero The Hedgehog

@MRD amen to that

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