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Let's Give It One More Chance
Lily Vasquez feat. Joey Williams Lyrics

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Facts Verse

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Christian Zale

No f*** off fact verse

little redfeather

@trash vod nah gay ages better

little redfeather

Can we see how well you have aged since childhood?? Wait i know, you aged badly and weigh more than you did as a kid 🤣


You messed up editing this video dude.


These celebrities just got older. Thank you for wasting our time.

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Bonnita Claus

I disagree with aging badly. I would say they just got older.

David Banner

I know, what a shocker that they don’t look as cute as they used to…he just described 100% of us😅

Single Parent's Guide To The Galaxy!!!

Agreed 💯💯 They look great!!


Yeah, no shit

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