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In 2007 I was alone in a hospital in Bangkok needing a four level cervical fusion. My closest relative was more than 9,000km away. I asked the surgical team if I could have my Sony Walkman and headphones on when they came to take me to the operating theatre and this was the song I listened to as they took me down.

I didn't want to die and given the choice I would rather have had my daughters with me but that wasn't possible so I blanked off the world by listening to Sanvean. Not a bad sound to listen to if it's the last thing you hear on earth.

El Rico

The last thing I want to hear is a Catholic priest saying your sins are forgiven. Then I could die and be right with God. Short of that we’re all in big big trouble.


H o l y s h i t


That's so right you know. Since i listened that song i knew i wanted it for my funeral..

Łukasz Borowik

@Martin Really hope you'll be fine one day or at least with no pain. Be well.


@Łukasz Borowik Thanks for asking. Long story but it wasn't an easy fix and I still suffer daily pain. 14 years of constant pain is hard work. Anyone contemplating back or neck surgery I always say “only do it as a last resort” it can make things worse and can't be undone.

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A piece of heaven in a rotten world. If this doesn't touch your soul, you're already dead.


Cool pic by the way

Carol Hogg

Well said. Agree with you 100% ! We do indeed live in a rotten world.

Gabriela Datcu

I was listening this on my headphones and experienced this as nothing else. Then I sent it to my friends, then tried to listen the song on the speakers. No one felt like I did. No one payed attention. Not because they were not sensible, but because this is a very personal and intimate act.

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