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Mr Cyr

Carla Lopes Thanx Lady,
I speak from The Heart...
Lisa Gerrard and Dead Can Dance is such a Masterpiece of VARIETY or sound and vocals... Acoustics!

As Lisa's Gerrard, Her Voice the best way to Describe would be three Best Words that sums it up...



3:56 - Lara's reflection goes outside the water

Are you... me? Are you... who I am? No... why... Lara breaks down on her knees crying

Lara's reflection then walks to her and calmly embraces her, bring her head close to her chest

Is that... my heart?

"... Don't give up..." Lara's reflection stands up and lends out her hand

Lara looks at her reflection and gasps when she did the same thing she did

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Massimo Tazzioli


Nerd Stark

For the past ten years I have always considered this to be the best, most important, and the most note worthy piece of nusic from the 20ths century. Everything else comes short compared to this six minutes of divinity. How a human can even create such a thing? How can someone even dare to dream of creating such a thing? And how she even dares to sing it? Isn't she afraid she might crush under it's weight?

Spike 66

Real the most successful offside football team ever . I have always thought the same as you. I heard this when it was released and at the time only listened to hardcore punk. This song blew my mind. How can it be done? How is it that nothing sounds like this beautiful ever?

I'm The Goddamn Once-ler

All these people bitching about the ending to The Mist are probably the same people who consider Sharknando to be good Horror. Horror isn't all blood and gore, sometimes the greatest horrors in this life are a sense of hopelessness, helplessness, regret, and despair, and this ending captures all of them perfectly. Just think, a fictional movie made you feel real life despair, the kind of despair one feels when their loved one loses their battle with cancer or when a mother gives birth only to find her baby is stillborn. Complete and utter hopelessness, one of life's ultimate horrors. Bravo Mr.Darabont, bravo.

Peggy Gross

@Brent Parker Better is the ending of "Man on Fire". Lisa Gerrard sings a beautiful song while Denzel (thankfully) dies in the backseat of that car. Mind blowing stuff.

Master Of Cubes

Darabont really knows how to end a movie: one of the greatest happyend of all time (TSR), one of the saddest (TGM) and this one.... master

Adam charley

at the end of the day the Mist was a psychological horror, where Mr King highlighted that people are scarier monsters then the actual monsters. I agree it was meant to terrify people with the sheer hopelessness, and despair that the main characters have undergone and challenge people perceptions at physiological level. Jumpy horrors are boring, predictable and they leave no mark whatsoever, watched once and forgotten.


One of the best parts of the movie was when they and their car all got pushed a little up in the air because the behemoth was just walking by. That was some H.P. Lovecraft type of shit right there. When even just a "small" bugg type monster can easily kill you and then you see that. Utter and complete hopelessness.

Sarah McCann Hughes

Stephen King even admitted that the ending of The Mist movie was really good considering it was not the ending he wrote in his book. This song just impacted that feeling of helplessness. That pit of emptiness that what was done couldn't be forgiven and wound up being for nothing in the end.

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Lu K.

This song cured me of every disease in 6 min 12 sec.

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