The Human Game
Lisa Gerrard Lyrics

Under the sun I call your name
I revise your inner flame
I who dare to come disguised
In the night of human eyes
As we begin to unravel the veil
Of our visions, vivid and pale
We recoil with invisible bliss
Losing there the claim to the comfort
Of deaths predesigned
Questioned in vain
The soul remains
To tell it's tale
Vivid and pale
Of broken dreams
Out of the pool and into the flame
We begin the human game
That refers to rise above
Clarity that calls you to
Come out of your tears
Lend me your fears
And fly away
Rest within arms
That promise to calm
The pain away
Somewhere I'll find you inside
The answer when you
Remember who we
Can really be
And there we will arrive home
With all the answers that fair
To reason all within our love
Out of the pool
Into the flame
We do begin
All of our love
Rises above
The human game
Out of your tears
Lend me your fears
And fly away
Rest within arms
That promise to calm
Your pain away

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Comments from YouTube:

Evelyna M

10η εντολή...επικίνδυνα παιχνίδια...


Και παγωμένο βλέμμα

Joseph Stalin

Και <<οι ψίθυροι>>

Paullo otavio

amazing song!! this music purificate my mind!

x tigress x

One of the best songs... ever. This song speaks to me on so many levels. What an amazing voice she has. After 20 years, I'm still listening...

David Star

Great music
Would make a great James bond soundtrack
Create for meditation too
Amazing voice


Haunting and appropriate for the "Human Game".


Me fascina esta canción 😉

miskatyagamer es

increible una puerta al alma

Rosmerta Vocalist

omg this song is so weird..
starts off like weird concrète... then the dulcimer and some sustained notes.. and it starts to sound like the dead can dance we know and love.
and then it turns into a sexy Bond style theme...
very strange... I bloody love it though!!! 😍😘💖

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