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Leslie Buckingham

If you read about Lisa Garrard, it is a made up language by her when she was 12 years old. She said it is very close to the language that one might speak to God. So....very spiritual to her and we should look at it that way too. My 2 cents.


I'm curious to know why people are getting hot under the collar and associating this with paganism and killing babies. It sounds to me like a combination of Tibetan and Native North American chant.

Mark Socha

I can't say for sure; but I thought I read somewhere that she based it off a Native American sun chant she heard. But if I read that it was years ago and couldn't say where. I only know the first time I heard this I got up and turned it off cause I thought it sounded too primal almost silly to put on a recording. But I played it a few more times and it grew on me and then I realized my concept of music was too narrow and SHE had just expanded it.


@Billy Lee
I'm not sure whether you're agreeing with me or calling me dumb, but I like the quotation a lot. Hadn't heard it before, but I expect I'll use it at some point (with credit to the originator, of course.)

Billy Lee

+JJBushfan how does that george carlin saying go. think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are even dumber.


I wouldn't take issue with you on that fact. I'm a simple music lover, not an expert on the different musical traditions of different groups of American Indians.

And as a music lover, I would say that certain parts of this piece remind me of what I've heard of Tibetan Buddhist chant, while others remind me of what I've heard of Native American music. I confess to having no idea which part of the North American continent it came from, and I don't see that it matters.

My reason for making the comment was to offer an alternative view to those who see it as darkly Pagan, bound up with the sacrifice of infants, and therefore implicitly evil.


+JJBushfan ....North america is...really, really nonspecific. Assuming you're excluding mexico, still. The south, southwest, northwest, plains, eastern coast, inuit?


It reminds me of a Buddhist "Pudja" which is a prayer or mantra. In fact so much so, I've decided to upload it. If you are interested in comparison, you could listen to it on my channel and decide for yourself. It's a recording, Chris Hinze, made on his visit to Tibet and one hears the authentic chant of the Buddhist monks, with Chris Hinze accompanying them on his melodious flute!


Reminds me of a Pagan ritual I went to out in the woods 

Dénes Rajsli

This song grabs my soul, makes me hear my ancients voice, makes me to talk with Mother Nature and refreshes me...I'm a proud pagan! )o(

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