Get Down With It
Little Richard Lyrics

Well alright everybody
Let your hair down
If you got on a wig like some people think I got on
And this is my own beautiful hair
What they do with it fellas?
Take it off

I said get down with it
Do the jazz
Come on, baby
Going to watch everybody wag
I said, come on, baby
I wanna see everybody do the jazz

I said, come on baby
It's been a long long time, woo!
Baby, wanna to watch everybody move around
I said, come on baby
Wanna see everybody make some sound

Oh it's alright
Singing, "It's alright"
Woo! Yeah, yeah yeah, my my my my
Singing, "It's alright"
My my my, yeah

Everybody raise both your hands
Everybody, everywhere
I said, clap your hands
Everybody clap your hands
Oh yeah, my my my my
Woo! Yeah, my my my my

Everybody raise your right hand
Everybody, everywhere
I said, snap your finger
Come on little girl snap your finger, come on little boy
Woo! Yeah, yeah, yeah
My my my my
Oh yeah, my my my my

Everybody get their grooving on, moving
Don't be no fool, let's go
Everybody, let's go, come on, get in line
I said, stomp your feet
Now listen to my beat
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
My my my my
Woo! Yeah, my my my my

Oh one more time
I'm saying one more time
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
My my my my, woo!
One more time
My my my my
Oh, it's alright yeah
Oh Lord singing, it's alright
Hey hey, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
My my my my, Woo! yeah
My my my my, let's go
Oh, It'a alright

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Richard Penniman

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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel Thomas MacInnes

This is how rock 'n roll should sound: loud, pounding rhythms, pure adrenaline, excitement and rebellion charged through amplifiers.


check out Slade's version from their live album "Slade Alive !"....... Noddy Holder CRUSHES the vocals

Dave Fry

Would love to have seen Little Richard and Noddy Holder duet to this, now would've rocked

Kazem Malek

It makes dance even the deads !

Colin Ballard

Amazing the different comments regarding this and Slade's version. They both have a place in history. The Little Richard version is great Rock'n'Roll mixed with Soul and has great production. Listen to the brass in the background! Slade extract the rock'n'roll and increase the energy in their own style. If you ever watched them at a gig live especially in their revival in 79/80, I still rate it as the one of the best gigs I have ever been too and this song was the highlight of it!! Well done to the writer!! Keep on Rockin'!!

Graeme Fraser

Little Richard. The best rock n roll voice ever. Thanks for uploading this.


the world lost such an amazing soul today. it means so much to me that he recorded this at the building i was named after. even though it’s a minuscule detail, it makes me feel a little more connected to a man i’ve looked up to for as long as i can remember. rest easy 🤍

Warwick Dumas

Bambi HQ?

Alberto Pick

In Richard's book, the producer said Richard had a sore throat and kept drinking whiskey! Figure that out!

Edson Luís Rosa

R.I.P. Little Richard, the voice of rock and roll! Eternally

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