Get Rhythm
Little Richard Lyrics

Get rhythm when you get the blues
C'mon, get rhythm when you get the blues
Get a rock 'n' roll feelin' in your bones
Get taps on your toes and get gone
Get rhythm when you get the blues

Little shoeshine boy never gets low down
But he's got the dirtiest job in town
Bendin' low at the peoples' feet
On the windy corner of the dirty street
Well, I asked him while he shined my shoes
How'd he keep from gettin' the blues
He grinned as he raised his little head
Popped a shoeshine rag and then he said

Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues
C'mon, get rhythm when you get the blues
Yes a jumpy rhythm makes you feel so fine

It'll shake all the trouble from your worried mind
Get rhythm when you get the blues

Well, I sat down to listen to the shoeshine boy
And I thought I was gonna jump for joy
Slapped on the shoe polish left and right
He took a shoeshine rag and he held it tight
He stopped once to wipe the sweat away
I said you're a mighty little boy to be-a workin' that
He said I like it with a big wide grin
Kept on a poppin' and he said again

Get rhythm when you get the blues
C'mon, get rhythm when you get the blues
It only costs a dime, just a nickel a shoe
Does a million dollars worth of good for you
Get rhythm when you get the blues

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Comments from YouTube:


Rip little Richard, Rip Johnny Cash, legends


The video is almost as good as the music! Outstanding. Thank You!

Manuel Ortiz Robles

Eso sí era música 🎶!!!! Grande de los grandes Little Richard!!

Mirco Bronda

Questa versione e' una bomba. Come una bomba era IL RE. MR RICHARD PENNIMAN.

Paul Andersen

Was this really written by Cash? I know he sang it. And if so this is a great cover.

Marc Jacobs

A Johnny Cash Tune if ever there was one! Recorded for and in the Sun Studio, for the same 7'' as 'I Walk The Line'.
1956, April 2nd, Memphis, Tennessee.

Carlos Nells

Love to know the band members names...they sound great.

Marc Jacobs

@Carlos Nells you're welcome. Have fun playing.....

Carlos Nells

@Marc Jacobs thanks I've been trying to imitate the rhythm guitar pattern up to tempo...ace players !

Marc Jacobs

Vocals, Piano - Little Richard
Bass, Organ – Jesse Boyce
Drums – John Ferraro
Electric Guitar – Marty Stuart
Lead Guitar – Kelvin Holly
Saxophone – Plas Johnson
Engineer – Claude Achille
Recording– Jim Monti

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