Lawdy Miss Claudie
Little Richard Lyrics

Well lawdy, lawdy, lawdy miss Claudie
Girl you sure look good to me
But please don't excite me baby
I know it can't be me

'Cause I give you all my money
Yeah but you just won't treat me right
You like to ball every morning
Don't come home till late at night
Gonna tell, tell my mama
Lord, I swear girl what you been doing to me
I'm gonna tell everybody that I'm down in misery

So bye, bye, bye, baby
Gal, I won't be comin' no more
Goodbye little darlin' down the road I'll go
So, bye, bye, bye baby
Girl, I won't be comin' no more
Goodbye little darlin' down the road I'll go

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Elmore van dodewaard

Hendrix play`s guitar on this track !!!! Little Richard true king of Rock`nRoll

Craig Mabry

@Fifties Only only because he was pretty white boy, let's not act like elvis didnt benefit from living during a time when black couldnt get any air play

Fifties Only

@Craig Mabrymost of the time Elvis copied and The songs that he copied became more popular with him then the original people.

Dad Jones

@Craig Mabry I never said Elvis had the best vocals of all time you have to give skilled singers like Freddie Mercury and opera singers that benefit. But I know for sure Elvis Presleys vocal cords were better than little Richards. Just listen to how much elvis' voice changed throughout his short life. Hurt in 1977 was insane. And a little fact is Elvis never had voice lessons so what you hear is his natural singing voice. No yelling or screaming in his voice either... Jailhouse rock was done pushing his abilities if you listen to his other takes on it his voice breaks ¾ in a few times. In the 50s Elvis was raspy and strong voice wise, in the early 60s it was smooth and was his prime for vocal range, 1968 was raspy and strong, just listen to if I can dream and tell me that's not pure power and in the 70s he couldn't sing like he could in the 50s and 60s that's why he tended to sing more powerful songs because in the 70s that's what his voice was good at

Craig Mabry

@Dad Jones i listened to enough elvis to know he he didnt write none of the songs he recorded , had a good voice and only stayed within range because he couldnt go outside of it, had a nice growl as well , but obviulsy u dint enough about music and very bias is u think or say elvis has better vocals than little richard, tom jones has better vocals than elvis ....please sir

Dad Jones

@Craig Mabry you obviously haven't heard enough Elvis to make that statement. Elvis Presley's vocal range was incredible. Listen to surrender. Elvis would shit on little Richards vocal ability

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Tom Fletcher

"Miss Claudie" + "Miss Ann" are now Richard's "Celestial Back-Up Singers." RIP, "Richard Wayne!"

lee groce

Super, He can't do a bad one. Love him

Демин Анатолий

Литтл Ричард исполняет эту композицию R&B-автора Ллойда Прайса как и положено КОРОЛЮ РОК-Н-РОЛЛА,,а Элвис Пресли-как замечательный исполнитель лирических песен.

Phil Silverman

recorded June 30th, 1964 in Los Angeles. there's actually a longer version, in stereo, out there. on the FRIENDS FROM THE BEGINNING album. thank you.

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