New Hound Dog
Little Richard Lyrics

Hey baby I'm here to tell you about yourself
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, scratchin' all the time
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog baby, scratchin' all the time
You ain't caught no rabbits you ain't no friend of mine
Well, you said you was high class
Found out that was just a lie
Yeah you said you was high class, baby
That was just a lie
Well, you ain't killed no rabbits, you ain't no friend of mine
Hey you ain't nothin' but a hond dog, scratchin' all the time
You ain't nothin' but a hond dog boby, scratchin' all the time
Well, you ain't never, you ain't never caught no rabbits
You ain't no friend of mine

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Mark R

@Brad rawsner Agreed. I know. I also think it's not good enough to leave those professors & College's that employ them go un-challanged. It's like letting Rachel Dolezal give music education on 50's Rock'n'Roll ,asides the fact 1)She's an Afrocentric & see's life thru a totally Afrocentric-only lens ,2)history teachers ,professors educators(whatever) shouldn't be handed over responsibility for TEACHING MUSIC. Black Blues music should be respected ,but also that 50's Rock'n'roll music is not as interesting WITHOUT Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins ,Bill Haley,Jerry Lee Lewis ,The Everly Brothers, & Elvis. Rock'n'Roll was musically interesting with all of them ,black & white.

Buddy Holly brought the relative minor into R&R with 'Maybe Baby' ,'Well Alright' goes to the b7 (flat 7) & a several chord progressions not typical of black Blues. Eddie Cochran the same. All those artist mentioned all played as Country artists early on.

The intro's to the Everly's songs were innovative & original rhythm based acoustic guitar riffs ,all new sounds to pop music at the time. Chet Atkins was a muscial & guitar subtle genius. As was Scotty Moore. As was Eddie Cochran , Cliff Gallup, Franny Beecher, Hank Garland.

We know Chuck Berry was. No one tries to cancel that. And none of those white artists would have done that either. That's the point.

We know about segrgation ,we know it wasn't a level playing field . We also know the authorities did NOT manage to colonize Rock'n'Roll. There were so many white artists ,white music industry people ignored segregation & just played ,promoted ,recorded & enjoyed the music. Elvis was a progressive Man totally unprejudice. Colleges out there teaching kids He was the 'Bogey-man'.

Can give you name & website of teacher teaching kids in the UK ,right now, that Presley was "racist" He "only stole black music" & complicit with "white supremecy" .

I thought you could report shit like that (racism /reverse racism) these days ?

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Tony Grossmith

Rest in peace little Richard. Legend

Amturegaming FN

R.I.P gone but not forgotten


Little Richard covering Hound Dog backed by Sounds Inc and the Shirelles playing for a bunch of Brit teens hopped up on Purple Hearts circa 1965 Now that's rock music

Hyperloop Records

I have yet to find a better performance by anyone ever.

Steve Bowness

Got the whole concert on dvd absolutely awesome ❤👏👏👏

Steve Bowness

@Scott McLennan He was indeed Scott he played on their first album

Will Law

Correction not rock, that was Rock and Roll.

Trevor Mitchell

Purple Hearts not required for this great audience, who were there for the music, with a girl maybe, and a few drinks.

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Richard Gamble

When we look at these giants perform we can only love God more.  I do thank God for this giant

Dallas Newton

So beautifully exprssed.

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