Little Richard and His Band Lyrics

Lucille, you won't do your sister's will?
Oh, Lucille, you won't do your sister's will?
You ran off and married, but I love you still.

Lucille, please, come back where you belong.
Lucille, please, come back where you belong.
I been good to you, baby, please, don't leave me alone.

I woke up this morning, Lucille was not in sight.
I asked my friends about her but all their lips were tight.
Lucille, please, come back where you belong.
I been good to you, baby, please, don't leave me alone, whoa

I woke up this morning, Lucille was not in sight.
I asked my friends about her but all their lips were tight.
Lucille, please, come back where you belong.
I been good to you, baby, please, don't leave me alone.

Lucille, baby, satisfy my heart.
Lucille, baby, satisfy my heart.
I played for it, baby, and gave you such a wonderful start.

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Written by: JOE TURNER

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Hello, I'm just sharing a copy & paste here below that I saw shared from someone else on another video.
The info a gather came from the link he shared at bottom under his comment -


"Sorry Micheal & Shareece but, those of you out there still pushing the false history that 'Black artists back in the day didn't care about Elvis' might want to step up your research a little better instead of acting like you think you know some s**t.

First off, Elvis grew up around black folks from his early childhood in Tupelo Mississippi ..long before he even got to kicking it & hanging with the brothers in Memphis.
Many of those black folks that lived near him gave interviews documenting how Elvis was part of their community and how he came by the Gospel and Blues music legitimately because he grew up within that community.

the fact that none of you knew about this is almost embarrassing for you, considering you had so much to say - but yet u didn't even know

Now - Little Richard gave more than a couple different interviews saying that Elvis absolutely - positively affected his career.
In both interviews he made it clear he and many other black artists started getting tremendous AirPlay and making more money.
The trade magazines and newspapers from back then in the 1950s as well as interviews with many other black artists all support what Little Richard said.

In 1971 & 72 Little Richard also talked about the time Elvis did him a favor and he also talked about people that ripped him off, but said Elvis wasn't one of them. He said Elvis was legit. He always gave me my propers.'
Little Richard also went on talking about how Elvis over the years only used his public platform praising and lifting up other artists....'He didn't use his platform trying to keep or putting other people down'

(Little Richard was right. Listen to any of Elvis's documented interviews on YouTube or read the ones in writing throughout the years. Some y'all could learn a little from what L.R. said about Elvis. Some you talk so much ignorant shyt about a history you're really not researched properly on, that you're busy just trying to keep a good man down)

Public Enemies - Chuck D gave an interview years ago saying Little Richard was one of the rhythm & blues artists from that era that called him out for dissing Elvis.
Chuck D spoke with many other black artists from that era, many his own personal old school Blues R&B Heroes.
And they backed up what Little Richard said about Elvis.
Chuck D realized he was misinformed an ended up speaking a lot of respect afterwards for Elvis in many interviews since then.

Chuck D quote 2002 Newsday Magazine Reported by Nolan Strong -
- 'Elvis was a bad ass white boy. He earned respect from the black community and blues artists back then for being legit and always giving credit. It's not like he cheated to get there'.
And he gave a damn about Black artists and black people ar a time when white people did not'

funny how people like to pretend they don't know about any of this

James Brown and BB King were extremely publicly vocal about 'the help' Elvis was, not only personally to them as individuals, but also as artists. And many the other black artists they knew also spoke the same about Elvis as being a help due to once he showed, pissed off racist white America.
There were life-size look-alike dummies of Elvis, they were hanging them from a rope off of bridges and trees. They hated HATED Elvis.
Elvis pushing thru all that, taking all that hate, it opened up doors for black artists to follow through. I think those Black artists that lived that era & talked about all this would know.

All you folks that never researched the newspapers and reports from back then, see, you're dumbasses. Don't know nothin' bout all this.

You're usually the same people saying - 'Yeah and Elvis didn't write his songs'.
Like its some sorta 'Gotcha' moment.
These ppl are idiots. Songwriting is not the end all be all of creating music.

Most the professional artists that recorded with Elvis back then said he was one of the most underrated Producers in the industry. most artists let the producers from the record company run the sessions but Elvis was one of the first back at that time to walk into the studio roll up his sleeves and take charge. he sit at the piano or with a guitar and start working through the arrangement then calling the band together they what do some rough loose rehearsal of the songs, then would let those behind the glass know when to start rolling tape. He also played Piano, Bass guitar and Acoustic on many of his own Master recordings, as well as doing Lyric changes and Arrangement changes.

This is all incredibly well documented.
Yet most of these critics of Elvis artistically, they never ever talk about this.

Never. All they got is 'he didn't write' like they some experts on how making music works.

Some These people all some shady Mo fo's.

Anybody that knows anything at all about the creative process in the music industry knows that running the sessions, being involved in the actual creative process of playing and Arrangement lyric changes, are all equally as important as those with the word 'songwriting' next to their name.

Don't let these clowns sidestep or ignore that when they try to 'act like' they're teaching music history .

Either make them tell it right, or force them to pump the brakes and take a seat

Sam Cooke, He's another. His own brother Charles verified Sam had mad respect for Elvis, the whole Cook family did.
Many Sam's Soul singing friends, like Solomon Burke and others also on record speaking up for Elvis over the years.

Lavern Baker. She didn't have a whole lot of good things to say about white artists back then. But Elvis on the other hand, she had his back...because, as she said Elvis had hers.

But some people don't ever want to acknowledge this stuff.
It's reality though.

See they only like to talk about the black artists that expressed their displeasure with Elvis.
(But they DON'T want to talk about the others that didn't feel that way. Ya know, The ones that actually respected Elvis)


Some yall might want to step up your research on that history instead of going on a lot of the same misinformation that folks like yourselves like to keep passing around.

Elvis took a whole lot of hate from racist white folks back in the day because he publicly defended rhythm-and-blues and promoted black artists in his interviews.
He took wayyyy too much hate to be having people keep twisting the history and not getting it accurate

He also was there for the black community Helping poor black folks in Memphis back in the day when most white folks didn't give a s**t.
Black community leaders from back then gave interviews about Elvis doing this stuff.
Many white people hated Elvis because of this.
it wasn't always an easy walk for him.

You folks that knew nothing about any of this, you might want to learn a humbling life-lesson about researching before expressing strong opinions

Now, Below is a Link to a Facebook group that covers a whole lot of this history, (for those of you that claim to actually care about those black artists that is).
If you would like to learn more about their insights regarding not only Elvis, but also that era of music, come check it out.

But also check your ego at the door.
we've got some of Muhammad Ali's people that were close to him are members of this group and they'll flat-out call your ass out if any you all think you're going to show up on that group talking s*** about Elvis.

They speaking on Muhammad's behalf because Muhammad himself had mad respect for Elvis, just like the others did.
Elvis had Muhammads back, back in the day, when a lot of white folks did not.

None u Fool's probably knew anything about that either huh?

Step it up'

All comments from YouTube:


Forever rock and roll, Rest In Peace.

Александр Габоян


Donald Trump 45th USA President

@The Portrayed yea

armario brancocinza

I love you Very good

C Martinez

@The Portrayed he died in May / 2020

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Jock McHaggis

Sweet Jesus, that voice! Imagine hearing this back in the 50s.. it must have blown peoples minds

Sonja Krsmanovic

Best voice ever


It did!

Shanon Hemraj


Sentinel one

Hearing it today still blows my mind. He makes todays singers sound tame. With no power.

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