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Little Walter Lyrics

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I can't believe such a tiny music instrument creat these magnificent notes.
I would believe if someone says this music is created with a huge brass instrument.

phil r

It wasn't!


Well, you better believe it fella. And don't understimate the power of the Harmonica!!😎👌

Subversively Surreal

I Remember when I first heard this song, on an inexpensive Canadian Album ( Various Artists!) the tempo might’ve been quicker just a bit, but it shook my shoes off : this was what my grandparents danced to :swing !!

Subversively Surreal

@Ninja Sushi :yeah, that’s what made me go: 😳…!! fabulous artist, in any case.


it works in both ways. How else would the idea to make it faster be if it weren't for the original take?

Ninja Sushi

1.25 sounds way better actually. It gives it a nice swing feel to it.

Ninja Sushi

1.25 does sound great after a little bit of hearing it!


Just watched the Movie 'Life' (2015) This is in the closing credits recognised LW straight away and had to come here to listen again Thank you

Elliot Ravencroft

Fred Below, the drummer every drummer should aspire to be regardless if the play blues, jazz, rock or even country msuic.

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