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in the moment I was losing my head
and I was
reachin' forward I was already there
readin' too much and losin' my head
this information caused a cut in the line
now I'm remembering good and thinking so much it's so nice.
the print is smaller than the ants in the grass
I'll have to put it away now
in the morning there are things to be read
words to be said and food to be fed but I
won't be there. I'll be clutchin' on a
megaphone pointed at my head, would you be
there, would you kindly, scream this word for word so loud and clear
I can't remember it all, it needs to be clear, I tell you, if
the feeling drops out of your voice, would you
kindly pick it up
this is how, I'll go out tonight
dressed in blue, by the book tonight
this is how, I'll go out tonight
but I don't need a book.
we're talkin' anchors, talkin' ships, we're
talkin' seas, we're talkin' everything you need
you should be workin' now, not only askin'
how and the whereabouts of where you'll
be. I don't suspect you will be thinking
when the brain is dead and the mind
has taken over, this is a skill, this
is not a game, where have you been,
are you with us? can you hear us? got
the megaphone pointed at you

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Comments from YouTube:


This track will forever be Live's greatest!

donald lilly

Pillars of Davidson is great as well.

k i

Live is criminally underrated.

Jenny Stubert

Their most underrated song...shame , it's breathtaking awesome

Pure GM

That bass 🎸

Alisha Cail

Fave song

beth for forever singing

You should do more videos

dholl synth music

unusual to see so many dislikes for popular music uploads, did some kind of controversy happen to the band?

Jenny Stubert

@dholl synth music i know i saw it too and i must say they got a lot of dislikes but i think that the most people just don't understand the lyrics and are more in to modern pop rock music. Maybe it's because there are no video clips attecheattached on the songs...i don't know what is going on but i know I love live and their old song just as well their new stuff...don't think too much just enjoy the music 😉 we are the ones that appreciate it that's all that matters. Sorry for my bad English spelling but I'm from Belgium. Take care ❤

dholl synth music

@Jenny Stubert i agree it's a great song, and popular bands split up all the time. I've never seen such a bad dislike-ratio on cool rock songs. Under 5% is the norm. Even more derided bands like Stone Temple Pilots have less than 5% dislikes. The other Live songs are affected too, check out the dislike-ratio for Dam at Otter Creek, which is an incredible song but has over 30% dislikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28mnuCJv3wQ

Maybe i'm overthinking it...but it is statistically unusual.

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