Wise Is The Way
Living Legends Lyrics

Chorus - Eligh] - 2X
Wise is the way of the walk
Eyes in a gaze when we talk
Rise from the stage, from the flame
From lines in the sand to the street
As long as I land on my feet
Wise is the way

[Verse 1 - Eligh]
Brainiac dumb-dumbs bust the scientifical
Pros to the course cause the force is centrifugal
Metaphysical manifestation of gypsy tapestry
Exiting the bus so I can gradually expose and behold
Bellowing bottom in, bring your friends, I'll get 'em in
That's what I'm here for, live and direct introspect for your peers
In town for you to enlighten, see us get down with a mic and
Peek it out from a tight end, I'm a full back, with a full-flow
And a full bag full of dirty clothes
Off the bus is exodus, I'm exiting the extra bus
Extra-large impression
Leave a piece of my energy anywhere, anyplace I step in
Sounding like a diamond rhyming, my souls a secret weapon
Release what we playing for the whole world to accept then
Let it blow into the wind, Mother Earth will take it in
Circulate it like a plague, a daily paper front page
Another dawning of the age, another spawning of a rage
Get on the bus..

[Verse 2 Intro - Scarub]
Street-smart is the way I was taught
From the words, what I do, to my talk
The world is a stage, I'm criminal-minded
Whether footprints in the sand or Adidas on the street
I stay balanced on my feet

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2 - Scarub]
'Ey yo, We on a world-tour
This type of trip it lasts a lifetime
My life's a goldmine, stretching like a timeline
I shall proceed and continue to write these rhymes and raw venues
And with these sound waves keep it cracking like a fault line
I send you with ?ingenuitive? lyrics to-go
In exchange for your time spent, the hottest show
When my company flows, the fire in which we burn slow is competition
We on a mission, not a small-time thing
This years most beautiful-ist lyricist, freestyle or written
Was composed by the crew with double 'L' logos they lifting, YEA!
Cars ride by with their booming system
But what be missing is these legendary lyrics we spitting (We spitting)
Concoct a rhyme like it was moonshine, homemade man
Take a sip, and while your wasted it's bass line and
Fall deeper in love with that art form that keeps your heart warm
Longing for more of that classic-rap above the norm

[Verse 3 Intro - Murs]
G is the way of the walk
Tell my homies throwing B's and them C's on the block
Put a freeze on the glock, please can we talk
And put an end to the beef and have some peace on the streets?


[Verse 3 - Murs]
See I'm sixty-nine inches above sea-level
Ninety-three million miles above these devils
Sound man be sabotaging levels in the club
'Cause they white-snake fans, no hip-hop love
So I stay after shows, build with my fans
Just in case they missed the flow I make sure they understand
That I'm just another man trying to figure out life
So I'm more than polite when they purchase merchandise
Matter fact, 'come and get it' cause it helps to keep me breaded
And I hope that it shows in the shows when I'm sweating
In some crazy-ass pants while I punk-rock dance
'Till your arms get sore from throwing up your hands
And I really don't mind anything you want signed
Cause my dudes back home, they out on the grind
With some work and a nine, and about to do nine, with a baby doing nine months
So why front? I stay humble
Humble is the way of the walk when I stumble off stage and engage in a talk
Yea, I'm paid for the props, but famous I'm NOT
So when you see me on the streets go ahead and say PEACE

[Chorus] Repeat until end

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Wise is the way that I talk, I speak in ways you do not, think in a way that you ought, careful what you say or in a grave you will rot.

Just came up with this off the top of my head lol.

Jorge Rodriguez

Afrozensquirl damn that sound hard asf sounds like it could be in one of the verses on this track

heather diamondz

Such a phenomenal song. Fuck! Thank you Living Legends.

Jamie Brown

there needs to be more of this music.


Another good group ... A Tribe Called Quest 🔥

Austin Johnson

Jamie Brown keep diggin you'll find there's more!

Gabriel von Wolfhausen

One of my favorite songs to listen while I'm faded AF

Jamie Brown

16 people aren't wise

Fin McMurder


Tacoma Baumgardner

32 people aren't wise

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