Cards & Quarters
Local Natives Lyrics

Cards and quarters
Means to ends
Surgeon General warns against
Safe in the knowledge
A short walk back
Punch-line I ruin
But we both laugh
Leaves steeping longer
Knowing glance
Make our appearance
Our minds have gone back home
Brave in her movements
Scared to dance alone
There's a cave made of sheets
And I, I know we want to be inside
Take off all of your clothes and climb
Into a cave of sheets tonight
Steal away
You and me
To a cave made of sheets

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Comments from YouTube:

Gabrielle Nam

my life has become infinitely better since i have started listening to local natives.

Annie Hughes

They are far too underrated. <3

k a y l e e

this album is far too underrated.

Amberly McCord

The sound just as amazing live.


Such a classic Local Natives song! Hope they go back to this sort of sound while still being innovative and fresh sounding. I know, not an easy task.


Always makes me remember laying out on my float, sleeping in the sun. The smell of chlorine and Australian Gold. Waking up, watching my heart beat and the leaves of the maple trees just barely move from a ghost breeze.

BlackAmericanLesbian Professional

Wow, I never knew there was an original song?! Last year, I have heard the remix called Card Slinger by Local Natives x Gold Panda x Star Slinger; which I thought was various mixers/djs working together to create a song. I was hooked! Now I know. And I like the vocals and music in both versions! Thank you for posting. :) I will definitely research more on Local Natives.


This song has some elements of Steve Miller band, Fleetwood Mac and Crosby Stills & Nash. Good combination.

Nate Elfant

fucking love local natives

xan in da lean

Wow heard this at zumies and so glad to have found out about local natives

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