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all the trees
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Logh week upon week of seamless night i was going to…

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Hey everyone, this is all three " Forests of Tamriel " videos combined (The versions with no silences in-between). It'll be the last time I post it—not trying to "view scalp", but I did think it was a simple, no-brainer idea that I never considered before 🤔. This was suggested by user Анастасія. Good night everyone! 🤗 and thanks to Beverly K. for the donation!

John R

the green fern is sooo relaxing but yet so mysterious, its kind of "scary" but yet you want to feel that fear of these ferns, its as if you don't know what is behind it. The music perfectly fits this view. Geytkeypur you have a good fantasy! very nice!

Caitlin Kelly

THANK YOU. These are my three favorite samples (seriously, I only ever make it about 9 minutes into the Skyrim Atmospheres track before starting over), and it's nice to have them all in one place! Amazing work.


Omg, thanks for doing this!!! I didn't expect it at all! These three are my favourite songs, great to listen to all of them combined😊 Thanks for accepting my suggestion! Your chanel is amazing, I've been subscribed for a few years now and it was you who introduced Skyrim to me first, which I'm thankful for as well✨

Johnny Aingel

I am new so well done i love this channel god bless all everywhere

B_G _C

Dear Geytkeypur... I cannot help but feel that this is yet another gift from The Gods, specifically(( but not exclusively )) The Muses(( Calliôpë, Clíô, Eutérpé, Tháliá, Melpôméné, Térpsíchôré, Érátô, Polŷhymnía, and Uránía )), through you, one of their very best heralds; one of their most focused, most potent conduits...
I already feel certain that this compilation will be the catalyst and vessel necessary for the ongoing development of the writings for my ambitious endeavor.....

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Listening to the Skyrim music makes me feel nostalgia for a place where I'll never get to be again. Familiar yet distant; a comfort in knowing there's so much still unknown. I yearn for the days when Skyrim was an unimaginable, unexplored expanse ahead of me. Until TES6, the music comes close enough.

Alan Kodzaev

@Russ Casados so true

Rob F


Mono dimensional Being

@kevin lewis Walking out of the Helgen Cave makes me want to kill myself

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