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death to my hometown
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We have lyrics for 'death to my hometown' by these artists:

Bruce Springsteen Oh, no cannonballs did fly, no rifles cut us down No…
Logh i can hardly wait until i fall asleep tomorrow i'll…

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Comments from YouTube:

Timm Wonder

My favorite piece of music ever is Last Words of Copernicus and this song works perfect with that sample ❤️

Pablo Gonzales

Poets and artist, lets keep this genre of art alive and create new work! It is our only weapon against the injustice we all face as descent people.

Thunder Warrior

Not heard anyone get this pissed off and passionate in a song in a long while... That's why he's STILL The Boss baby!

Caleb Johnson

How can you not love Bruce Springsteen??


there are some songs on this album that feel like a continuation of Seeger Sessions. This is one of them. Bruce will go down in history as one of the greatest song writers who ever walked this planet.

George Johnson

I went to the Wembley concert yesterday and this was by far my favorite song... SO MUCH ENERGY!

Elisabeth Lindberg

Thank you for all your music & lyrics. Been a fan for over 30 years but never had the opportunity to watch you and your band live here in Sweden.You are an amazing songwriter and your music means a lot to many people.


this is just magic! i preach the gospel of bruce springsteen anywhere i go and i'm only 15 and proud!!

Mark Landsman

Great song, great lyrics, great band,great singer, great man!

Fr Dougal McGuire

I have been listening to Bruce's music since I was a teenager, over thirty years. He never fails to amaze me , he has described everything that has happened here in my country (Ireland) over the last twenty years this could be our national anthem ? Did he write this song for us ? He,s a truly great man.

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