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logh / a new hope
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Hammas Haukka

Well, this is quite impressive. Good art direction, good cinematography, decent lighting.

The voice acting can be a bit variable (e.g. S.C.O.U.T. is pretty... Forced) but overall it still has a good level of polish.

This is definitely a campaign meant to be played like a proper Singleplayer campaign and less like a collection of maps and they put the work in to make it happen.

It's also nice to see the tidbits of information from the StarCraft manuals to be brought to life.

That being said, since this campaign introduces a lot of new mechanics and units it would be nice if you were to read the accompanying info cards.

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You spotting the observer and calling out the incoming protoss forces was so cool! I would have never found out that little detail on my own.




FYI, DOran Routhe and the UPL were first mentioned in the Starcraft 1 Manual backstory. Doran Routhe's supercarriers are the ones that sent the people to the Koprulu sector and became the terrans. They were meant to arrive somewhere else but the nav systems failed and UPL lost track of them for a long time.


The SC1 manuals were THE reason I got into the SC story. I read that book over and over again. It was such good lore.


@Jktu Ert but no psychic ones

Jktu Ert

@Anon Imus well that's not true.. there are plenty sexy girls in Australia.

Fjnord The Dwarf

@Nevermore2790 Probably because it is. Wouldn't surprise me if Duran specifically engineered the arrival of the Terrans to shift the power balance in the sector.


Doran's name feels so sus.

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Pedro Nassetti

The in-game cinematic is actually bonkers
Even the prologue looks amazing

Phillip Lerum

I love how you can "fail" an objective because its not an objective to complete the mission but an objective of the forces you are playing as

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