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logh / all the trees
Logh {} Lyrics

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i implemented the range tree exactly as he detailed, so for those of you planning to do the same, he doesn't mention some edge cases when finding nodes within the range. (1) in particular when you find a max and min node, they could be the same, or one could be an ancestor of the other (i.e. in the same tree). (2) you need to investigate the right tree of the min node and the left tree of the max node... there are a few other things that i may have forgotten. the lecture is a good place to start though!

Aleksa Gordić

Range trees start at 59:07

Ahmed Musa

Not all heroes wear capes

Qudsia Siddiqui

thank you

Lucas Suppes

a pure demonstration of love

Sanket Neema


Lion Young

that's fun...

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shymaa arafat

I think the discription of finger tree as one with values stored in the leaves, internal nodes associative operation ( concatenation is string addition ie associative) lend itself to Merkle Trees, has anyone worked on this idea before???
For the search he completed at min50, we could keep max&min indices as well
+ we could search&del/ins the whole block UTXOs at once or in groups,... etc ( the details subject to brainstorming, the point is whenever we visit an interval let's check+ins+del all what's in our pocket/portfolio for it in one time)
I think this was the intuition behind Verkle Trees, where Kate Commitments are the associative function

Ashutosh Bajpai

amazing.. thanks a lot from India

Anton Titov err, successor in BBST is O(1) amortized actually (that is when you have pointer to a node and you're looking for the next one and you have parent pointers)

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