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logh / the black box
Logh {} Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Thanks for posting this version. Great Song. I also heard this on NBC's Chase Episode 1-12 "Narco Pt. 1" originally aired on 01-19-11


I don't watch "Chase," but the end of the show was on before what we tuned in for,and I heard this. What a great track - the instrumental line is beautiful! Super discovery; pop radio should be playing this heavily! So, three questions: (1) why do I hear the best mainstream pop music on TV soundtracks? (2) Why aren't the song credits on TV easy to see, if they even appear at all? (3) And how come so much amazing new music comes from Sweden? (Canada, too, by the way....)


what a great band. it took me three years to get it.....before i didnt quite ubderstand why people thought so special of them .....apparently one of the dudes worked for a call center once....he was friendly he told me about his band


Great song and great episode of Chase.

Soren Kierkegaard

Can't find a correct version of that version, so sad. ;(

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