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weather island
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Logh I can't, I can't understand how the winter can stay…

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Ingz N Ricky

Just wanted to say, a channel like this should be a mandatory watch before going to Iceland. There are so many dead bodies all over the country of tourists that have never been found. My family does search and rescue, even the dogs, and they have to search for lost tourists every single year. Some are found months later, frozen to death, and some have never been found.

I've definitely experienced the wind and snow in Iceland, since I was born and grew up there. The wind+ice almost caused me to be hit by a car once, when the wind ran with me on the ice straight in front of a moving car.
I once parked the car on the wrong side, and the wind flung the door open, and me with it. I held on to the car-door for dear life, with my legs in the air, like some kind of a cartoon.

The wind is literally dangerous for people as lightweight as me, I only weigh 110lbs.

I remember visiting my grandparents in the eastfjords of Iceland as a kid. I was just walking outside on the snow, minding my own business, when I heard someone scream from one of the nearby houses: "Get off of my car!" the snow had completely swalowed entire cars and there were no signs of cars under there.

About 10 years ago I decided to hike with a few friends up to the volcanic eruption. I was so close to the destination when I injured my foot and couldn't stand or walk anymore. I was wearing a Glazier suit, but there isn't much, if anything, that can protect you from - 35°C and wind... and not being able to move much. I had to lay around for five hours to wait for a rescue car to drive me back down, and eventually hypothermia set in. Thankfully a friend stayed with me until I got rescued and was able to think for me when the hypothermia confusion set in.
I ended up with frostburns on my face and went straight into the jacuzzi as soon as I came home.

A few years ago I was on my way back to the city from Keflavík when suddenly a snowstorm hit and I got stuck before I even left Keflavík, right at the edge of the town. Big trucks were getting stuck in the same street as me, and I was just driving a Volkswagen golf. The search and rescue teams came and started trying to help people get the cars loose, but eventually they gave up, it was hopeless. The weather was too bad, And they just left. I was left there all alone since all the people in the other cars just walked the short distance home, but I had nowhere to walk.
After two hours I was starting to worry about running out of gas, and I called my dad, which called the search and rescue teams up there, and I expected to be rescued at any moment.
After three hours the car ran out of gas, so no more heating.
I tried to put on a bandana and go out to find help, but I only made it a few steps because I couldn't breath, so I just went back to the car.
Four hours later I started feeling the hypothermia set in. I rang my dad again, and he called both the police and the search and rescue team, and they promised to be there soon.
Five hours after getting stuck, at 3am, I was really starting to loose my mind from the hypothermia when my dad called to check on me as I was taking a comfortable nap, but nobody had come to rescue me.
Then he called everybody he could think of. He used all the connections he had and used threats to get someone to rescue me. I'm guessing he could hear how strange I sounded. Five minutes later someone woke me up by knocking on the window. The snow had reached up to the middle of the car door, so they had to shovel me out. They came prepared with heating blankets and hot coco. They drove me all the way back to my friends place, where I would stay the night. I really didn't have a choice because the road between Keflavík and the city was closed.
I'm pretty sure that my dad was about to go the the search and rescue station to get a car and come get me himself, if i hadn't called him so quickly to let him know that I'd been rescued.

During the hurricane winds a few years ago(Diddú), our house got out relatively ok, it was built between a hill and an apartment building, although the satellite dish blew off the roof and a part of the inside of the house was a swimmingpool.
My family was out most of the night saving idiots that thought it might be a good idea to go outside.

I'm so glad to have moved to Spain... For health reasons... And safety.

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Graydon Ivan

When my friend, my sister, and I visited Reykjavík in July 2019, the warmest it got was 15°C and I was elated. Growing up in southern Ontario where summers are both hot and humid like Houston was/is brutal for me because I've always run hot. I would love summer so much more if our summer here was like summer in Iceland.

Kermit Daphrog

Actually the palistinean government does NOT support the practice of judaism!


I was thinking about moving to Iceland but I change my mind, Iceland is too cold for me, even too freezing for the summer


I also visited Iceland in 2019 and it was VERY cold compared with Greek Summer

Dan Woodlief Photography

Yes, the wind is crazy, and I think it gets a lot windier than we experienced. On cliffs, it can be a bit scary. We were on a cliff near Vik in August during a warm period, and the wind was absolutely frigid, even with gloves, and quite frightening near the edges. Another day, a glacier walk ended with us covered in ash.


Oh yes, I experienced the winds of Iceland on Dec. 10-11, 2019. Hurricane force winds at 72-108 km per hr. It was crazy. We were sequestered in our hotel from 3pm & overnight til afternoon the following day (lobby hurricane party!) but we got 2 extra days in Iceland because of flight cancellations. We were not unhappy to stay longer! By the way, Jeannie, I wish I had bought more chocolate covered liquorice! I’m also addicted to Pink Gin! Makes a yummy martini! I WILL return!!

Ryan Ni

I agree with all what you said. I am from Buffalo,NY. The weather is kinda similar, but feel so much colder in Iceland because of the wind. I got stuck in the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon area for 2 days because the roads were closed completely caused by the strong wind on Jan 13 &14 this year. I missed my flight. One lesson learned check the weather FREQUENTLY (at least before you go out every morning).

Don & Kim L

My husband and I were in Iceland in June 2019 for 5 days as part of a fabulous Northern Isles cruise from Holland America. We were blessed with good to great weather for almost all the days. But one of the two days we were in Reykjavík we experienced the incredible wind. We were on the Grand Ring Road tour and were “blown away” in more ways than one. But we were prepared with the correct layers. My husband was so pleased with our preparedness. This came from Jeannie’s information clothing/packing lists etc. There were people from Hawaii that had no idea of the weather wearing sandals, jean jacket and a sweatshirt from the ship. In some places the wind is very cold due to blowing by a glacier collecting even colder temperatures. Jeannie is not exaggerating but it is so wonderful in Iceland, it is worth some cold weather.

Heather Carver

Definitely got the full winter experience when we visited over New Year’s week this year. Calm, sunny days and winter storms where the roads were closed. Luckily, we were still able to enjoy so much because we had the right gear (Thanks Jeannie!). The shoe spikes were a definite help in fighting the ice and wind at the waterfalls. The only thing we didn’t have that could have come in handy were the waterproof boots, so we missed out seeing one of the waterfalls due to high water. Next time we will be even better prepared! Love the videos Jeannie.... thanks for all your help in making our trip a huge success!! ♥️♥️♥️

Neelaka Ranasinghe

laṁkāvē inna venavā.

Sri Lanka is a poor country, I like your country, but I do not have enough money to come. I have to stay in Sri Lanka for the rest of my life.

laṁkāvē inna venavā.

Sri Lanka is a poor country, I like your country, but I do not have enough money to come. I have to stay in Sri Lanka for the rest of my life.

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