Logistics Lyrics

Ramblin' around your city
Ramblin' around your town
I never see a friend I know
As I go ramblin' 'round, boys
As I go ramblin' 'round

My sweetheart and my parents
I left in my old hometown
I'm out to do the best I can
As I go ramblin' round, boys
As I go ramblin' round

The peach trees they are loaded
The limbs are bending down
I pick 'em all day for a dollar, boys
As I go a ramblin' 'round, boys
As I go a ramblin' 'round

Sometimes the fruit gets rotten
And falls upon the ground
There's a hungry mouth for every peach
As I go a ramblin' 'round, boys
As I go a ramblin' 'round

I wish that I could marry
I wish that I could settle down
But I cant' save a penny, boys
As I go a ramblin' 'round
As I go a ramblin' 'round

My mother prayed that I would be
A man of some renown
But I'm just a refugee
As I go a ramblin' 'round, boys
As I go a ramblin' 'round

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Comments from YouTube:

Will x



lol the first drop. Logistics makes better dubstep that most producers

Zoltan Feil

@dnben94 show me a drumstep then u think it is.


Drum and bass. Not dubstep or drumstep - at least know what you're talking about before making a comment

Zoltan Feil

its not dubstep...its drumstep


You need to start listening to good dubstep then, coming from a drum and bass head. Maybe stop listening to dubstep made by 9 year olds. And this tune is utter wank aswell.

Mathew Senn

this is actually quite embarrassing

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Jordan Costello

Its Logistics, Nuff said!


1:29 Im just gonna leave this here as my own little replay button

hospital rec. patient 001

2:15 the only man who doesn't fall, LUCKILY

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