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Logistics Lyrics

We have lyrics for '96' by these artists:

A.Z.O.I.C yea haha still on a motherfucking mission biatch yea …
Out Came the Wolves There's bird In the air From a catle up that hill Where gold…
Tesfa The Twin Horace andy Yeah yeah yeah ah you see a man's face but you…
V-Mann talking like a kid walking like a kid biting your…
V.Mann talking like a kid walking like a kid biting your…
Wilson's T.O.B.A. Band Hey yo what up sport, guess who's back on the…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Logistics:

2999 Ramblin' around your city Ramblin' around your town I never …
Machine If you don't hurt me then I won't hurt you. I'm…
Seasons I wonder where this feeling came from, I don't think I've…
The Trip Let me take you on a trip A journey full of…
Thunderchild What's that flare? See it? Green flare coming from Mars, Mar…
Together Together Together Together Together Together Togeth…
Winter Blues Storm clouds over my head Is just weep in my lonely…

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Comments from YouTube:

Tomas Trunecek

Great tune.

Christos Tiger

Memento - know the feeling...


One of my favorite Logistics tracks!!!
Love Thunderchild too!!

Billy Chamberlain

Logistics never fail to impress with the vibes👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


Favourite logistics album


One of first d'n'b tracks i ever heard.

Mr. Meowie



extremely underrated music

Mr Robsterr

for a channel with 250k+ subs
you rarely break 10k views on each video.

Mr Robsterr

@u4 i can actually see your subscriptions... i'm looking at them right now, you're subbed to the top 3 maybe. then a whole bunch of random UKF wannabe accounts. 

you're not even subbed to rinsefm.

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