Logistics Lyrics

What's that flare? See it?
Green flare coming from Mars, Mars, Mars, Mars...

What's that flare? See it?
Green flare coming from Mars
Sort of a green mist behind us.
It's getting closer.
Can you see it Bermuda? Come in Bermuda...

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Comments from YouTube:

Stewart Cutting

This was the song that started it all for me!!!


Came across this after not hearing it for over a decade browsing through a random dnb playlist at work and was suddenly overcome by nostalgia...


Came here from Dellor going 90mph on the freeway. LETS GO BABY, WOOOOOOOO!


yeah i rember dellor playing this.


I first heard this song on my first acid trip, nothing but the deepest deepest love!!! This is the epitome of the Hospital Records vibe IMO.


I have been searching for this song for such a long time now, feel relieved that after 3 years I have now finally found it,!!!! YAY,! :-)


I love it when that happens :)


thank you whoever thumbed up my comment, forgot about this tune.


its a good feeling


I've been listening to the track since 06' I've been through alot of things since then, but when I listen to this, I just let myself go and forget about all thats troubling me, financially... emotionally... this track is by far the only thing that keeps me going. it sets my mind at ease, makes me deal with problems alot easier. thank you logistics for making me feel Great/un-hurtable at times it was most needed. this is me respecting you and vice versa.I'll never let this one go. N.e.v.e.r ty

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