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Logistics Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Logistics:

2999 Ramblin' around your city Ramblin' around your town I never …
Machine If you don't hurt me then I won't hurt you. I'm…
Seasons I wonder where this feeling came from, I don't think I've…
The Trip Let me take you on a trip A journey full of…
Thunderchild What's that flare? See it? Green flare coming from Mars, Mar…
Together Together Together Together Together Together Togeth…
Winter Blues Storm clouds over my head Is just weep in my lonely…

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Comments from YouTube:

Jad Joubran

Learn JavaScript 👉
React Tutorial 👉


Thank you so much Sir Best video finally knew how to work with watchPosition


Nice video, thks for the surge tip. It seems that React Native can handle the gps in the background. Correct?

Vidumini Kulathunga

Hi Jad, Really appreciate your video.
Can you do a video for,
Tract react native mobile app gps location --> send data to firestore database --> Show in the react web app.
That is a part of my final year project. I'm using node server. I'm bit stuck in there.
I really appreciate if you can do a video or if you can give me some suggestions and recommendation example.
Thank you..

Supun Samarawickrama

hi jad thank for sharing this


Awesome, waiting your next video 😁

Ramesh Thangamani

Nice one thanks!


This was a really cool video! Nice job

Jad Joubran

Thank you :D


Hai, good video,and also I want to get user's exact correct location without SSL in my website, how to do it

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