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Better Days
by Londa Larmond

Can you take a moment and look up
Can it really be possible
For you and me to live a better way
Have you ever taken a moment
And thought of His love
And know it's really, really possible
It's gonna take us to a better day

Spread my wings and fly
Just like a dove
Promise of a new day
There's gotta be a way to say
Heven's all my
Heart's been dreaming of
And I know it'll be OK
'Cause it's gonna be better days

Well did you ever take a moment
And think back
Could it really be possible
That anybody could save your soul
And you're living in a time when it all seems wrong
Yeah, it's really, really possible


So if you're thinking
That there's no way you could ever
Make it to the end
As your friend I'm saying
Heaven is your prize
If you can take it
Better days await for you and me
It's what I live for and
Where I want to be


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