Heaven Now
London After Midnight Lyrics

I don't want to bleed
I don't want to wait
I don't want to see
the pain and the hate
that you need to feel
you need to feel alive

down inside your soul
your blood and your skin
numb to the cold and numb to the sin
and it makes you feel
it makes you feel alive

I want heaven
I want heaven right now

you've given it away
the sin you create
to addicts of pain
disease is the faith
and it makes them feel
it makes them feel alive

I just want the truth
I don't want your pain
I just want the truth
without your shame
and I need to feel
I need to feel alive

I want heaven
I want heaven right now

I've been crucified
almost died
I've seen too much of your darker side
I don't care anymore
I just want it all
right now

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Frank Fischer

Sehr schön...!

Katharina Baur


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