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Swan Lake Suite Op. 20: Scéne
London Philharmonic Orchestra Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by London Philharmonic Orchestra:

1812 Overture Op. 49 Under that apple suckling tree, oh yeah, under that apple…
Adeste Fideles Adeste, fideles, laeti triumphantes Venite, venite in Bethl…
Adiemus heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee..... adie adie mus ta de adie adie …
All My Love Yesterday, I knew the games to play I thought I knew…
Assassin's Creed: Revelations: Main Theme "Iron" Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away Where innocenc…
Carmina Burana: O Fortuna O Fortuna velut luna, statu variabilis, semper crescis a…
Creation of Tron Breaking up is hard to do When you turned and you…
Going to California Spent My Days With A Woman Unkind Smoked My Stuff And…
Gymnopédie No. 1 Ave maria Gratia plena Maria gratia plena Maria gratia pl…
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear It came upon the midnight clear That glorious song of old …
Kashmir Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars…
Kayama REFRAIN: ka ya ma di o i ei ka ya ma di…
Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing Love is a many splendored thing It's the April rose that…
Money Pink Floyd [Instrumental]…
O Little Town of Bethlehem Oh little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee…
Stairway to Heaven There's a lady who's sure All that glitters is gold…
Still Still Still I am the harm that you inflict I am your…
The Battle of Evermore Queen Of Light Took Her Bow And Then She Turned To…
The Greatest Love of All Yesterday, I knew the games to play I thought I knew…
The Light Sailer Breaking up is hard to do When you turned and you…
We Wish You A Merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry…
We've Got Company Breaking up is hard to do When you turned and you…
Windmills of Your Mind Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Sky Henry Blue

Beautiful. Beautiful. Steel. N. Pain
Warped. Strength. Love. N. Pain
Men. Woman. Old. As. Time
Dance. The. Dance. Sweet. Sexual. Steel. Movement. Dance. Train. Steel. Older. Than. Time
Lovely. Muscle. Tears. N. Sweat
Train. Train. Hurt. N. Sweat
Beautiful. Beauty. Muscled. Steel
Lovely. Lovely. Petals. Trained. Like. Steel

Ballet. Dancers. All

To. All. You. Ever. We're. Ever. Will. Be
One. My. Great. Great. Great. Loves

The. Ballet

Best. All. The. World

New. York. Ballet
Harlem. Ballet
Moscow. Ballet
Bravo. Though. All. Ballet. Dancers. Ever

Love. Love. Love. Always
Cow. Boy. Grady

Previate. N. Dos. Vidonjos


One. My. Plans
All. Any. Students. Elementary. To. High. School

Required. Once. Week. Two. Hour. Dance. Lessons

Required. All. Any. All. Schools. America

Every. Week
Day. They. Pick

Night. Time. Dance. Students

Snacks. Refreshments
God. Willing

God. You. All. America. World. Much

Cow. Boy. Grady. Proudly. So. Proudly. Presents. Something. Beauty

The. Ballet

All comments from YouTube:


The recording is quite disappointing, only showing full distance orchestra or maestro, but the audio is superb and the orchestra played this phenomenally.


No problem! This performance of Swan Lake's Op. 20 has become my favorite!

Arts Laureate

StrawberryHero Thanks!

Ginger Li

Very distinctive. One can almost see Bela Lugosi climbing out of his tomb.

Kevin Cuestas

Esta canción a salido en muchas películas 🥺

lee chun him

"Of all the weapons in the vast soviet arsenal, nothing was more profitable than Avtomat Kalashnikova model of 1947. More commonly known as the AK-47, or Kalashnikov. It’s the world’s most popular assault rifle. A weapon all fighters love. An elegantly simple 9 pound amalgamation of forged steel and plywood. It doesn’t break, jam, or overheat. It’ll shoot whether it’s covered in mud or filled with sand. It’s so easy, even a child can use it; and they do. The Soviets put the gun on a coin. Mozambique put it on their flag. Since the end of the Cold War, the Kalashnikov has become the Russian people’s greatest export. After that comes vodka, caviar, and suicidal novelists. One thing is for sure, no one was lining up to buy their cars." (Lord of Wars)

Anni :D

I'd like to say that this was posted 12/12 2012
Also I love this piec, it's magical

Jordi Ventura

First class theme & brilliant orchestral performance! :):)


this is music! real music, beautiful!

Duraid Istepho

They played it very fast

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