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London Philharmonic Orchestra Lyrics

Breaking up is hard to do

When you turned and you walked through that door
It hurts me sore, now
I said it hurts me sore, my darling
When you looked at me and you said, goodbye
You made me cry
I said you made me cry, my darling

So listen to me, what I say to you
Breaking up is hard to do, everybody knows
Breaking up is hard to do

And saying, if you've ever been in love
Then you'll realize just what I'm talking about
Breaking up is so very hard to do
It's hard to do

I cannot let you go now
'Cause my love is so strong
My love is so, strong
I said my love is so, so strong

And if you leave I will surely cry
Breaking up is hard to do
Breaking up is hard to do, everybody knows
Breaking up is hard to do
Breaking up is hard to do
Breaking up is hard to do

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Comments from YouTube:


Thank you. I don't know how it must feel for you to perform without an audience but we are definitely here and listening and appreciating. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of humanity.

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Thank you! We're playing it live again on December 31 with the full orchestra and choir! Sign up for (free!) for the concert stream here: https://bit.ly/registerforb9


Great work, thanks !

Gabriella Gruder-Poni

My five-year-old son can’t get enough of this. I tried to get him to listen to a recording of the whole symphony, but he wasn’t having it. “I want the Beethoven where they speak Dutch!” And he starts saying, “Hallo allemaal, ik ben,” to remind me which video he means, even though he knows no Dutch. And while he’s listening: “I can’t wait for the flute!!!”

Update: I’m glad to report that a few weeks on, my son is listening to whole Beethoven symphonies! And it all started with this video. Thank you so much!


Even learning some Dutch. What an appreciation. Thank you!

Chris Hoggett

Amazing, many adults these days don’t even have the attention span to listen to entire symphonies... :)

Jason Cazes

Celebrities: let's sing a song we're not qualified to sing to try and unite the world!

Rotterdam Philharmonic: hold my beer.


@abigailhamiltonactor There's always that one person who has to be a jerk and bring everyone down. (That's you, in case you didn't know.)

Lucien Cameron

This is good.

Peter Hoffman

I don't understand the term 'qualified to sing', who determines that qualification, why it matters to some people to compare music. Music is there or the experience at that moment, if you're constantly comparing the music you listen to are you really present for what you're experiencing?

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